5 Ways To Create More Time For Clinical Services 

5 Ways to Create More Time for Clinical Services 


Ever wish you could learn proven strategies from leaders in pharmacy — all without having to take time away from your pharmacy, stand in a TSA line, or worry about flight delays?

Through the upcoming Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit, now you can do just that.

What’s a Virtual Summit?

The Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit is the industry’s first completely web-based pharmacy conference experience. Blair Thelimier — independent clinical pharmacist, pharmacist business coach, contributing author for Pharmacy Times, and guest host on the Pharmacy Podcast Show — developed this free Summit specifically for entrepreneurial-minded student pharmacists, independent pharmacy owners, and private practice consultants.

This 5-day online event, held April 5-9, features presentations by 22 independent thinkers who are succeeding differently in the health care space. You’ll hear what works and what doesn’t when it comes to: meeting quality measure goals, overcoming billing challenges, marketing your services and using resources and technology more efficiently to increase profit.

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10 Ways for Pharmacies to Use Social Media 

On a scale from Novice to Master, how would you rate your pharmacy’s social media prowess? If you’re like most pharmacies, you probably placed yourself somewhere in the middle of the scale.

Why Should Your Pharmacy Be on Social Media?

Social media is a great way for pharmacists to get out from behind the counter and reach your patients, customers, and community beyond your pharmacy walls. Social media makes it easier to draw in more customers; it’s free, simple to use, and much of the audience you’re trying to reach is already there.

You’re skilled at engaging patients in your pharmacy. Through social media, you can engage with your customers and potential customers in a meaningful way that will improve customer loyalty and help your business grow. Get ahead of the competition and enhance patient engagement by becoming a social media savvy pharmacist.

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Introducing Check PASS 2.0

  • December 20, 2016
  • News

Making validation fast, safe, and simple.

In the pharmacy, safety always comes first. Pharmacists are responsible for verifying each prescription before it goes out the door to ensure accuracy and patient safety. But even with expertise, experience, and the proper processes in place, a human’s ability to inspect degrades with time and the volume of work.

Parata Check PASS — an inspection aid for Parata PASS strip packaging — has been shown to be safer and more efficient than manual checking over large volumes and long periods of time. Check PASS organizes the inspection process, increases productivity, and safely reduces the amount of time pharmacists spend on verification.

Check PASS 2.0, our new software release for the Check PASS Inspection Station application, amplifies those benefits. With the new features in Check PASS 2.0, test sites decreased their validation times by an average of 38 percent.

Check out the new features.

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5 Leadership Lessons for Pharmacy Technicians

  • October 18, 2016
  • News

By Zipporah-Darvi Redding, A.S., RPhT, CPhT

Pharmacy technicians play a pivotal role in supporting a pharmacy’s daily operations and assisting pharmacists with patients. Over the last several years, the role of pharmacy technicians has expanded into various opportunities, including medication therapy management, medication reconciliation, and transitions of care.

As the role of pharmacy technicians continues to expand, techs must position themselves as leaders to advance their performance, ensure professional development, and provide patient-centered care.

Today, pharmacy technicians are going beyond national certification, registration, and the licenses required by their states. Technicians are earning advanced degrees, such as Masters in Business Administration, Marketing, and Masters in Public Health. They’re also furthering their education and becoming more specialized through certification programs in Sterile Products (IV), Compounding, Chemotherapy, and more.

If you’re a pharmacy technician, here are five leadership lessons that will boost your career — whether you’ve been in a lead position for years, you’re just starting out, or you’re interested in being a leader in the future.

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Boost Your Pharmacy’s Operational Efficiency

Boost Your Pharmacy’s Operational Efficiency

Q&A with Parata Industrial Engineer Brian Cristobal


At Parata, we have frequent conversations with pharmacies about leveraging technology to increase safety and efficiency and improve patient care and satisfaction.

Pharmacies are always looking for ways to do more with less. Sometimes, it comes down not just to technology, but to examining and improving the day-to-day processes in your pharmacy.

That’s why Parata Industrial Engineer Brian Cristobal recently presented a webinar called Boost Your Efficiency: A Lean Approach to Pharmacy Operations.

In the discussion, Brian shared how you can apply 100 years of manufacturing teachings to your pharmacy’s processes to maximize your operational efficiency, minimize waste, and deliver a higher-value experience that will delight your customers.

We had a lively discussion after the webinar. Here’s the Q&A with Brian.

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How to Leverage Section 179 to Save Big on Pharmacy Taxes

Did you know you can trade some of your pharmacy’s tax bill for new technology?

There’s still time to take advantage of the Section 179 tax deduction, which allows you to deduct up to $500,000 in qualifying equipment from your tax return when you purchase and install this calendar year.

Investing in pharmacy automation technology is a great way to increase your pharmacy’s efficiency and differentiate your business through innovative, valuable services — and to decrease your tax bill by tens of thousands of dollars.

Here are some of the most common questions we get from pharmacy owners about the Section 179 deduction.

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Own It. Take Charge Of Your Pharmacy’s Future.

Own It. Take Charge of Your Pharmacy’s Future.

Heather Hudson, Medication Compliance Specialist with Parata, provides strategic guidance, coaching, and support to help customers who use Parata PASS® adherence packaging maximize their existing markets and gain access to new ones.

Heather was a featured speaker at PDS Conference 2016 in Orlando, Florida, where she offered the attendees a glimpse into what works for Parata’s most successful pharmacies and how the profession is elevated with the implementation of a true medication adherence program. Reviewing the biggest pain point for pharmacies and the biggest opportunities, Heather demonstrates how the tools for success work in concert for the greatest impact on patients, pharmacists, and the community.


Next-Generation Pharmacist® Program Nominations Open Today

  • January 20, 2016
  • News

Next-Generation Pharmacist® Program Nominations Open Today

Parata Systems and Pharmacy Times Launch Seventh Annual Program;
Now Accepting Nominations

PLAINSBORO, N.J. (Jan. 20, 2016) — Parata Systems and Pharmacy Times, founding partners of the Next-Generation Pharmacist® awards, are now accepting nominations for the 2016 program. Next-Generation Pharmacist is the industry’s leading national awards program, recognizing outstanding pharmacists, technicians, student pharmacists and industry advocates.

“Each year, the Next-Generation Pharmacist program celebrates the best and brightest in the pharmacy industry,” said DJ Dougherty, CEO, Parata Systems. “In our seventh year, we look forward to recognizing outstanding pharmacists, technicians and students who are defining the future of their profession. We encourage all pharmacy leaders to submit a nomination, and we look forward to celebrating them at this year’s awards gala.”

The 2016 awards gala will be held on August 6 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This culminating event is a chance to recognize the finalists for their leadership, passion, and commitment to an evolving health care industry. Finalists and category winners will receive their awards and be recognized by their peers for this exclusive industry honor. One winner will be named the 2016 Next-Generation Pharmacist, the program’s top honor, and will be featured on the August 2016 cover of Pharmacy Times.

“We are proud to partner with Parata Systems again to continue the mission of the Next-Generation Pharmacist,” said Ashley Talamo, publisher of Pharmacy Times. “This awards program is an opportunity to honor those who stand up and make a difference in the lives of their patients, and in the pharmacy profession, and a reminder to all just how much the role of pharmacist continues to expand in our changing health care system.”

The 2016 Next-Generation Pharmacist program includes 11 categories. Nominations may be submitted through April 24, 2016. An independent panel of esteemed judges, chaired by Pharmacy Times editor-in-chief, Fred M. Eckel, RPh, M.S., ScD (Hon.), will evaluate entries. Up to three finalists will be named in each category. These finalists will be featured in the June 2016 issue of Pharmacy Times and on www.nextgenpharmacist.com.

“The role of the pharmacist grows increasingly important in the overall care of patients and creating better patient outcomes, no matter the setting,” added Michael Evans, B.S., RPh, director of ambulatory clinical pharmacy programs at Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pa., and the 2015 Next-Generation Pharmacist. “The Next-Generation Pharmacist awards recognize those pharmacists who are committed to adding value to our health care practice and improving the lives of the patients we work with.”

This year’s nomination categories are:

• Civic Leader
• Entrepreneur
• Future Pharmacist
• Health-System Pharmacist
• Lifetime Leadership
• Military Pharmacist
• Patient Care Provider
• Rising Star
• Specialty Pharmacist
• Technician
• Technology Innovator

For complete category descriptions, eligibility requirements, and our online nomination tool, visit www.nextgenpharmacist.com. For regular updates, follow Next-Generation Pharmacist on Twitter and Facebook.
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Pharmacies Could Save Thousands On 2014 Taxes  Through Section 179 Increase

Pharmacies Could Save Thousands on 2014 Taxes through Section 179 Increase

Before preparing your 2014 tax return, grab a calculator and call your CPA. Your pharmacy may qualify for huge savings under the Section 179 federal tax incentive.

Just before Christmas, President Obama signed into law a bill that restores Section 179 tax breaks to the highest level in history. This bill is a one-year, retroactive extension that applies only to capital equipment purchases made in 2014. It reinstates the deduction limit to $500,000 with a $2 million spending cap. (For purchases that don’t qualify for Section 179, bonus depreciation will be restored to 50 percent.)


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