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Parata Strives to be a Destination Employer

What makes Parata so special is our people.

We communicate openly with our employees and frequently share the current state of the business. We believe in treating employees with respect, which includes sharing and soliciting ideas about the future of the business. This team approach has fostered our business success and our daily work.

We continue to ask for and respond to our team’s suggestions for an improved workplace. We also acknowledge excellence through our employee recognition program, which encourages cross-functional participation. This program is both an engine for individual and team recognition and a venue to share new ideas that have proven results.

At Parata, we get to use our talents and learn through new opportunities every day. We work hard, and we also have a lot of fun together.

Creating Balance

Parata values family and offers flexible work hours. We can make adjustments so we don’t miss important family events, and that means a lot.

Creating Value

Parata values employees and customers as its most important assets. We want everyone to have a meaningful experience, whether you’re just starting your career adventure or you’re a seasoned professional in your craft.

Parata WELL: Our Program for Employee Wellbeing

Parata believes in empowering, educating, and encouraging healthy, active lifestyles and promotes the overall wellbeing of our employees.  Valuing and supporting our team members as if they’re family results in a sense of belonging that encourages trust, enables connectedness, and boosts productivity.  We strive to deliver an employee experience where everyone feels there’s balance in their emotional, professional, personal, financial, and physical health.

Work-Life Balance
Parata encourages professional and personal development, flex schedules, time off, and community giving for a balance that benefits all.

Exercise & Health
Stand, stretch, stroll, and reflect.  At home or work. During lunch or after.  We are committed to providing opportunities to improve our health and wellness.

Learning & Self-service Access
Parata  provides self-service access to health benefits, retirement planning tools, health tips, and more to empower employees to access tools when they need them.

Link & Connect with Experts
Sometimes we all need an expert opinion, a little advice, or a willing ear. That’s why we have partner access to these resources — many free or at a discount.

Parata WELL is promoted year round to remind employees of benefits available to them and to announce new resources as they are rolled out.

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