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Pharmacy Technology Solutions

Reduce Costs

Improve Health Outcomes

Enhance the Patient Experience

Automation Solutions for Value-Based Care

Parata offers the most comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio with pouch and blister medication adherence packaging, high-speed automated robotic dispensing technologies, and pharmacy workflow solutions.

Retail Pharmacy Solutions

Communities are still in love with their neighborhood pharmacies. Deliver the services to improve medication adherence, making it easy for patients, while saving time and money on inventory to increase volume.

And do it all while providing your patients the same community-driven customer service they know and love.

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Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

Facilities count on their LTC pharmacy to be highly productive and innovative. Improve your workflow and labor efficiencies, decrease costs, and deliver packaging making it easy for nursing center staff and residents to manage medication administration with ease.

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Health System Pharmacy Solutions

Inpatient and outpatient pharmacies can each leverage adherence packaging and inspection, vial filling automation, and  inventory management technologies to improve their staff’s everyday workflow and efficiency as well as the health of their patients. Improvements like these positively impact operations as well as lives.

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Increase Safety
Automation reduces medication dispensing errors, providing the right drug and dose. Our automation doesn’t get distracted or experience fatigue. You can count on our technology.
Improve Efficiency
More than prescription dispensing, our comprehensive solutions enhance your pharmacy workflow, making it easy to be proactive and get out in front.
Boost Patient Outcomes
When you have time to counsel patients — and have additional tools to improve medication compliance — patients are more likely to take medications as prescribed and to experience better health outcomes.
Experience Business Growth
Differentiate your pharmacy with added services and customer care to draw more patients to your pharmacy. And get noticed by providers and payers for more quality and quantity for your bottom line.

Real-world results reported by Pharmacies powered by Parata

80%Oral Solid Rx Automated
50%Reduced Medpass Time
95%Better Adherence Rates
29Increased Scripts per patient per year

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