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Centralized Filling Solutions

Automate your high-volume pharmacy filling operations with Parata technology.

Are you ready to think bigger? Centralized filling benefits your business by reducing the pharmacy’s in-store dispensing requirements and decreasing the overall costs of labor and medication inventory. Central fill solutions also benefit patients by freeing the in-store pharmacist to engage with patients for a better quality of care.

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Parata’s solutions for centralized filling use proven pharmacy automation counted on by leading pharmacies across the US and beyond. We tackle the complicated challenges of filling large quantities with sophisticated solutions for counting, packaging, filling, and routing.

As a leader in adherence packaging, we are the trusted solution provider to integrate pouch packaging into a central conveyor operation. Our technology solutions tie the entire fulfillment operation together under a single workflow management software solution. 

Pharmacist verification of central fill prescription bottles
Pharmacy Technican processes prescription bottles

Each central fill solution is designed to meet the specific business needs of your pharmacy operationcustomized for the right fit. Whether you need vial, blister, pouch, or hybrid designs, Parata’s industrial engineers can build efficient turnkey solutions for your volume.

Because of the flexibility of our systems, pharmacies can combine central fill and in-store automation to maximize efficiencies for all site locations. 

Manage Workflow 

Reduce the dispensing burden at the store level with central fill technology. No matter your volume or dispensing packaging options, workflow efficiency can decrease costs and improve overall business outcomes. Pharmacies can aggregate prescriptions from multiple locations and funnel them to a centrally located fulfillment center. Prescriptions can then be assembled, verified, and delivered back to the pharmacy or mailed directly to the patient.  

Parata engineers provide customized solutions to suit your space, team, and centralized filling goals to help you achieve peak efficiency and production capabilities.  

Increase Accuracy

There were 4 billion prescriptions dispensed in the US in 2019. Automation lets you meet the growing demand and volume associated with an aging population while minimizing human error and maximizing profits. From a single device to enterprise-wide systems, increase accuracy and improve patient safety with Parata’s comprehensive technology solution offerings. In fact, patient safety is built into each manual and automated process of our solution.

Improve Store-Level Operations

Reducing costs and driving business profitability is only a part of the picture. While a bulk of dispensing can be done in a centralized operation, in-store pharmacists can spend more time with patients — increasing patient wellness, satisfaction, and loyalty. Your team will also have more time for additional services like immunizations, wellness coaching, and point-of-care testing to add value and revenue.  

As an added bonus, a centralized filling operation can help you expand your reach to more patients by positioning your business to open additional stores. The lower cost of inventory and technology at each location makes satellite locations more cost-efficient. Access to new patient populations gives you the opportunity to offer clinical services that add value to the community and improve your star ratings.  

In turn, pharmacies see an increase in referrals from payers and providers to continue business growth powered by Parata. 

We have solutions for your central fill facilities and programs, regardless of type or need. 


Retail central fill 

Multi-med blister cards  

Specialty Pharmacy/Disease State Management

Employee scripts for local pickup 

Meds to beds  

Standard/adherence options  

Future mail 

See what Parata has to offer — some of our central filling solutions.

Parata Vial-Filling Automation: Fully or partially automated vial dispensing solutions speed counting and filling make easy work of high-volume operations.  

Automated Dispensing Units: Parata offers small-footprint storage, retrieval and labeling of prepacks and high moving unit-of-use items.  

CONSIS Storage & Retrieval Units: Rely on high-density storage & retrieval of prepacks & high-moving unit of use items for efficient storage and high-speed dispensing. 

Parata Pouch Packagers: Count on high-throughput packaging of tablets into convenient multi-medication or unit-dose pouches by an industry leader in adherence packaging. 

Parata Pouch Inspection: High-speed QA verification of completed adherence packages is automated with our pouch vision verification systems. 

Compact Sortation Units: Cost-effective packaging sortation happens in a small footprint with our sortation units.  

We also have a helpful 1-pager you can print out.

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