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Solutions for Health Systems Pharmacies

Pharmacy Automation is the Next-Gen Solution to Improving Medication Adherence and Lowering the Total Cost of Care

Health Systems featuring inpatient and outpatient pharmacies have unique challenges from others in the pharmacy landscape. Charged with patient care during a hospital stay and ensuring the patient’s medication adherence after discharge are responsibilities that directly contribute to the overall cost of health care. Establishing pharmacy processes and efficiencies to reduce costs and waste and instituting medication adherence packaging have benefits reaching far beyond the pharmacies themselves.

Parata powers the health system pharmacy to help patients lead healthier lives. That’s why Parata listens to the health system pharmacist.

We understand the challenges today’s health system pharmacies face.

Medication Errors and Rising Operating Costs
Whether due to the submission of incorrect orders or technician and pharmacist fatigue, medication errors endanger patients and the health system pharmacy. Looking deeper, the lack of technology can be an additional contributor. But no matter the cause, medication errors are proven to raise operating costs and can lead to patient readmissions. Successful health system pharmacies know to leverage technology to decrease errors and improve — down the line — the overall cost of care.
Medication Non-adherence and Rising Cost of Care
The outpatient health system pharmacy has a greater responsibility than many know in keeping a discharged patient well. Sending patients home with the correct medications and instructions are only one part of the puzzle. Nonadherence contributes to nearly 30% of preventable readmissions, many of those within 30 days of discharge and costing the health system in penalty fees. Pharmacies seeking novel ways to boost adherence look to automation for pouch and blister packaging solutions.
Patient and Employee Retention
Health system pharmacies can offer their patients and employees more when they scale to include mail-order delivery – even moving them into centralized filling operations including both centralized pouch packaging for multi-dose and unit-dose packaging. Health system pharmacies, big or small, are poised to provide a customer experience to rival their competitors, reducing patient leakage, when they offer attractive services like adherence packaging and mail-order delivery. Build trust and loyalty by including easy-to-use adherence packaging for busy employees — treating their health with as much care as they treat each patient.

Targeted Solutions for the Health System Pharmacy

Our solutions are designed and delivered with the elevation of the health system pharmacy in mind. 

Keep Medication Errors and Costs Down

The implementation of workflow and automation technology increases accuracy, safety, and efficiency. Take control of inventory management with bar-code driven solutions customized for your pharmacy. Maximize your space, track your inventory down to the pill, secure CII and at-risk medications, easily locate patient orders for pick-up, and more with one system, cutting down errors and saving costs due to waste and diversion. Leverage automated filling solutions and inventory management software to standardize labor and workflow, reducing stocking time and enhancing efficiency.

Stock bottle scanning for Beacon

Improve Medication Adherence and Lower the Total Cost of Care

Pharmacist discussing packs with patient

A thoughtfully coordinated suite of products for adherence packaging and inspection can help your outpatient pharmacy boost patient medication adherence and decrease the likelihood of preventable and costly readmissions. Blister and pouch packagers both provide easy-to-follow, organized medications for patients during and after their stay. Adding sophisticated inspection for pouch packages can improve accuracy and capacity to fill scripts while significantly reducing pharmacist check time.

Taking steps to improve patient medication adherence can improve 5-star ratings and alleviate the pain of DIR fees. Giving patients and hospital staff easier ways to remain compliant can directly impact the total cost of care by improving adherence by up to 90%.

Build Patient and Employee Retention Rates

Give your staff the same level of care you give each patient. Offer modernized will-call and delivery solutions to build loyalty. Secure remote prescription pick-up lockers make prescriptions available 24/7 for late discharge patients and shift workers. Scale up to centralized filling to enable at home, mail-order or specialty pharmacy delivery to provide convenience of care.

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Automation is the Game-Changer. Differentiation is Key.

We’ve seen the health system pharmacy do more than just survive—pharmacies that embrace technology thrive. Inpatient and outpatient pharmacies can each leverage adherence packaging and inspection, inventory management technologies to improve their staff’s everyday workflow and efficiency as well as the health of their patients. Improvements like these positively impact operations as well as lives.

Boston Medical Center Scales Compliance Packaging with Parata

Real Results Seen By Our Customers

43%Decrease in Inventory Carrying Costs
90%Improved Adherence Rates
85%Reduced Pharmacist Check Time

The Team

Parata has the most experienced team in the industry for pharmacy consulting and design. We at Parata work with you to determine your needs and analyze your space to define the appropriate solutions to support your pharmacy’s goals.


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Solutions for Health System Pharmacies

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Vial Filling Solutions

Parata Max vial filling robot

Gain Time with Next-Generation Vial Dispensing

Parata Max 2
Parata Mini Vial Dispensing

Get Powerful Counting Technology with a Smaller Footprint

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Parata AccuCount 2 Pharmacy Scale

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Adherence Packaging Solutions

Parata ATP 2 Strip Packager

Our Powerful and Flexible Pouch Packager

The Parata ATP 2 Duo Blister and Pouch Packager

Our All-In-One Blister/Pouch Packager

ATP 2 Duo
Parata InspectRx with Collector

Fast and Accurate Pouch Inspector

Parata Perl with Cut & Roll

Smart and Compact Pouch Inspection

Perl with Cut and Roll

Workflow and Centralized Filling Solutions

Parata Beacon Smart Storage Solution for Pharmacies

Modernize and Boost Your Efficiency

Parata Beacon
Pharmacist verification of central fill prescription bottles

Automate High-Volume Operations

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