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Solutions for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Pharmacy Automation and Technology are Next-Gen Business Tools
for the Long-Term Care Pharmacy

LTC pharmacies are challenged to provide accurate and safe medication in easy-to-use packaging for their customers and nursing healthcare centers. As the LTC landscape changes to accommodate an aging population, pharmacies are evaluating solutions to increase efficiencies in labor, workflow, and inventory management while delivering medications specially packaged to streamline medication administration.

Many LTC pharmacies find themselves at a crossroads — embrace automation or risk a failure to scale or expand services. Parata powers the long-term care pharmacy to help patients lead healthier lives. That’s why the LTC pharmacist counts on Parata.

We understand the challenges today’s LTC pharmacies face and the improvements you’d like to make 

Workflow Efficiencies and Improved Utilization of Labor
No matter the size or scale of your operation, efficiencies matter. We know busy nursing centers and their residents count on pharmacies to fill each script with safety, accuracy, and time in mind to keep costs down.

The LTC pharmacy must focus on production and continually improve processes to keep costs down while accommodating demand for shorter cycles. and rapid turns. That includes tracking inventory down to the pill, securing CII medications, and reducing wasted production steps.

Better Inventory Management
Mindful of waste and diversion, pharmacies are increasingly searching for reliable, cost-effective, and secure solutions for inventory management, reducing on-hand inventory. Accurate inventory management software helps you pinpoint your medications and save on inventory expenses. Technology solutions reduce floor space taken up by inventory by up to 60%. Stay organized and keep track of your inventory down to the pill while also optimizing the use of space in a busy pharmacy.
Customized Packaging
Gain and retain customers by providing packaging exactly the way they need it — whether blister, pouch, or both. While each facility may have its own labeling requirements, you can meet the challenge with ease. Create a library of designs to choose from and customize with graphics, time of administration settings, barcodes, and even color. Win over new business by demonstrating flexible options.

Targeted Solutions for the LTC Pharmacy

Our solutions are designed and delivered with the demands of the longterm care pharmacy in mind.

Give Your Facility Efficiencies to Enhance Production

A thoughtfully coordinated suite of products for adherence packaging and inspection can help your pharmacy boost volume and accuracy. Parata helps you scale with affordable packagers in varying sizes suited to your current volume and plans for growth.

Add visual inspection technology to make pouch verification up to 90% faster and free up valuable pharmacist time.

In addition, automated multi-dose blister technology power your pharmacy to efficiently meet the needs of facilities with flexible packaging options. Efficient packaging and verification processes are enhanced by workflow software that keeps an eye on your bottom line.

Technician with the ATP 2 and Beacon

Manage Inventory and Save Costs  

Technician picking up Rx bottle from Beacon cabinet

Take control of inventory management with a solution customized for your pharmacy. Maximize your space, track your inventory down to the pill, secure CII and at-risk medications, and more with one system. Pharmacies using our workflow solutions have seen inventory turns increase as much as 30% while on-hand inventory is reduced another 30%, freeing up vital cash flow for additional capital investments and space inside the pharmacy.

Personalize Your Service and Products

Custom pouch and blister packaging help you stand out from the pack. Highly customizable printing with easy-to-use software lets you design pouches and cards with logos, icons, crucial med pass information, and bar codes. Packagers with variable pouch sizes can preserve paper use and include narrow pouches to fit in carts and cabinets. 

Pouch Packaging for Skilled Nursing Facilities
ATP 2 medium pouch

Automation is the Game-Changer. Differentiation is Key.

We’ve seen the LTC pharmacy do more than just survive—pharmacies that embrace technology thrive. Facilities count on their LTC pharmacy to be highly productive and innovative. Improve your workflow and labor efficiencies, decrease costs, and deliver packaging making it easy for nursing center staff and residents to manage medication administration with ease.

The Team

Parata has the most experienced team in the industry for pharmacy consulting and design. We at Parata work with you to determine your needs and analyze your space to define the appropriate solutions to support your pharmacy’s goals.


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Solutions for Long-Term Care Pharmacies

Trusted solutions from Parata To Help You Take the Lead.

Adherence Packaging Solutions

Parata ATP 2 Strip Packager

Our Powerful and Flexible Pouch Packager

The Parata ATP 2 Duo Blister and Pouch Packager

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ATP 2 Duo
Parata InspectRx with Collector

Fast and Accurate Pouch Inspector

Parata Perl with Cut & Roll

Smart and Compact Pouch Inspection

Perl with Cut and Roll

Workflow and Centralized Filling Solutions

Parata Beacon Smart Storage Solution for Pharmacies

Modernize and Boost Your Efficiency

Parata Beacon
Pharmacist verification of central fill prescription bottles

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