Parata Consulting Services

Advice You Can Count On

Yes, we design and build robots. Yes, we support those robots. But we also support your business with a wealth of industry experience and insights. Our teams work one-on-one with yours to help you maximize opportunities so your business is free to grow.

Maximizing Efficiency

Pharmacy efficiency is never an accident. Optimal layouts and workflows are a consultation away. An industrial engineer will work with your pharmacy team to chip away at inefficiencies and boost productivity — and profits.

Following Industry Changes

You have enough to do without keeping up with all the changes in the industry. Our regulatory affairs team tracks developments in legislation that could impact your business. We share those with you to help with the challenges and opportunities they present.

For Parata PASS customers

Succeeding in New Markets

You’ve decided to invest in a Parata PASS unit. Now what? That’s where a medication compliance specialist (MCS) comes in. Your MCS will help you maximize your program to attact new customers and market segments. Get ready to grow.

Attracting Patients and Partners

Our Business Growth Toolkit is an online resource bank of tips, tools, and ready-to-use marketing materials. Use these to build market awareness of your adherence packaging program to patients, physician, local media, and more. The Toolkit is available through Parata’s Customer Community portal.