Our pharmacy automation solutions — and the team behind them — support safety and efficiency, better health outcomes and business growth.

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Automated Dispensing

Pharmacists choose our next-generation dispensing solutions for the highest accuracy, speed and output available. Learn how you can ensure safety and efficiency and free time for patient care.

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Adherence Packaging

With Parata PASS adherence packaging, you make it easy for patients to receive the right medication at the right time, every time. Start improving outcomes and differentiating your business.

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Consulting and Support Services

When you choose Parata as a partner, you’re getting more than an automation provider. You’re joining an organization committed to your success and gaining access to our team of in-house experts.

Lifeline Pharmacy
"We package between 2,700 and 5,000 pouches each day. Prior to getting Check PASS, it took our pharmacist about 8 hours a day to check all the packs. With Check PASS and the new 2.0 software, that’s down to about 2 hours. Check PASS saves time, decreases errors, and gives you peace of mind."
L&S Pharmacy Increases Prescription Volume With Parata Max
"With our proactive medication adherence program, we know when patients will receive their monthly medications and we can make the most of every patient interaction."
Tripp LoganL&S Pharmacy
HealthCo Pharmacy Makes Strip Packaging Work
"Two things set my pharmacy apart: my commitment to service and PASS adherence packaging. We're optimistic about the impact our medication adherence program may have for patients remaining home after transplant surgeries."
Brenda RichardsonHealthCo Pharmacy
Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Maintains Safety And Efficiency
"In order to offer value-added service to patients, a pharmacy must be financially stable. Parata Max keeps our pharmacy running efficiently and our operating costs low. It’s key to our success and plans for the future."
Pharmacy Concepts Lowers Medication Packing Time By 98%
"PASS is responsible for 90 percent of our growth. We're able to offer custom service to each facility and have a dramatic impact on our partners' processes and costs."
Keith TaylorPharmacy Concepts
Wangsgard Pharmacy Meets Long-Term Care Pharmacy Needs
"With PASS, we can easily tailor our service to match customers’ needs. We use 24-hour fills for correctional facilities to easily accommodate drug changes or patients transfers. This flexibility has been critical to our success in securing new business."