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Adherence and the Future of Pharmacy

Top 5 takeaways

L&S Pharmacy Tripp LoganTripp Logan, pharmacist and co-owner of MedHere Today®, recently discussed how the future of pharmacy revolves around adherence and how pharmacists can capitalize on this opportunity.

Here are our top five takeaways from Tripp’s webinar, Making an Impact: Adherence and the Future of Pharmacy.

1)  Adherence is not simply auto-fill, a smartphone app, or a blinking cap.
These things focus on the prescription, not the patient. A true adherence program is patient-specific and addresses all causes of non-adherence. Talk with your patient, and her physicians, to understand her unique medication challenges. Then you can select tools that will help each patient manage her meds.

2)  We interact with chronically ill patients more than any other health care provider.
75 percent of healthcare expenditures in the U.S. are spent managing chronic diseases — typically with medication. As pharmacists, we have visibility to their prescriptions and their refills, and our patients trust us. We are the healthcare providers best-situated to impact adherence.

3)  $1 spent on medication adherence can save the health care system $7.
You don’t have to start on a huge scale to help. One study shows that small increases in prescription spending have big impact. According to its formula, a $177 increase in diabetes prescription spending results in a $1,251 decrease in spending per patient.

4)  Capture an additional 29 prescriptions per patient each year.
We see a substantial increase in prescription volume and increased profit margins for patients enrolled in adherence programs. On average, pharmacies capture an additional 29 scripts per enrolled patient each year, with an increased profit margin of $1.87 per script.

5)  Use your proven adherence program to secure partnerships.
Looking for an in with hospitals, home health agencies, accountable care organizations, buying groups, and pharmaceutical manufacturers? When you can demonstrate a positive impact on patient adherence, your pharmacy is primed for powerful, profitable partnerships.

You can view the recorded webinar here:  Making an Impact: Adherence and the Future of Pharmacy.

To learn how Parata is helping pharmacists drive adherence and grow their businesses, contact us today at or (888) PARATA1.

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