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Parata Points

We believe you should be rewarded for being a great customer.

Parata Points Benefits

What do you get when you join Parata Points? Money!

When you earn points, each point equals a dollar toward any purchase with Parata.

Redeem your points when checking out at Parata Shopping. Easy.


Any Parata customer account*
*Due to anti-kickback regulations,
DoD and Hospital accounts aren’t
allowed to participate in the program.

within the US and with a Parata Community account can earn points. Plus, you earn points just for signing up.

Any pharmacy team member with a community login can access and manage your pharmacy’s Parata Points account.

Earning Points

Host a site visit or send a referral
Participate in an event, call, or demo
Content: help with a success story, guest post, or white paper

Getting Started

Send an email to with your account name and your preferred email address (this is how you’ll receive updates from us about the program).
Get the SpecsPrint or download our info sheet