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Solutions for the Nutraceutical Market

Bring Health and Wellness to Your Nutraceutical Business

Health-minded customers make choices driven by their desire for wellness. Why would your business be any different? 

The nutraceutical market is challenged to meet the demands of a diverse and growing customer base – one that seeks convenience personalization fitting a healthy lifestyle. As healthcare costs increase, consumers are searching for alternative ways to improve their health. Your nutraceuticals provide health benefits including treatment and prevention of illness for customers seeking to improve and maintain their well-being

Globally, the nutraceutical market is projected to exceed $270 billion in the next year.

Safe, efficient packaging that incorporates brand identification for your business and personalization for your customers is a requirement in the nutraceutical market and can change the lives of your customers. That’s why the nutraceutical business counts on Parata.

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We understand the challenges today’s nutraceutical businesses face and the impact you want to make in your customers’ lives.

Personalized Service
Packaged for every individual, your products stand out by giving each person a customized experience every time they open a pouch. Create a library of aesthetically pleasing pouch designs for your customer’s personalized experience. Include color graphics, dosage, instructions, logos, and more. Add reminder bags with your own messaging or marketing information. Every detail boosts your brand and provides opportunity for growth.
Efficient Workflow
Get the most from your workflow by designing for efficiency. Reliable, cost-effective packagers control workflows for quickly packaging multiple orders. More than just a packager or inspection machine, our solutions include customized services to let you work with our experienced industrial engineers to create a turn-key solution set with high production capacity.
Scalable for Growth
Plan for growth with truly scalable solutions able to meet growing demands of the market. You can offer supplements and vitamins to your customers, delivering the personalized experience on time never missing a beat as your operations grow. Packagers built to manage high volume and optimize performance keep your customers on the go.

Targeted Solutions for the Nutraceutical Business

Our solutions are designed and delivered with the demands of the nutraceutical business in mind.

Give Your Business Efficiencies to Enhance Production

A thoughtfully coordinated suite of products for individualized packaging can help your business boost volume and accuracy. Parata helps you scale with affordable packagers in varying sizes suited to your current volume and plans for growth.

Add visual inspection technology to make pouch verification up to 90% faster.

Efficient packaging and verification processes are enhanced by workflow software that keeps an eye on your bottom line.

Lunch nutraceuticals supplements pouch

Personalize Your Service and Products

happy customer holding nutraceutical pouch

Highly customizable printing with easy-to-use software lets you design pouches and cards with logos, icons, and branding. Packagers with variable pouch sizes can preserve paper and reduce waste. By making small adjustments in the user-friendly software, every packager can address the diverse needs of your customer.

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Automation is the Game-Changer. Differentiation is Key.

Customers trust their health to nutraceutical providers—from quality ingredients to accurate and responsible packaging. Giving them a personalized experience enhances the trust you’ve already worked to build.

Improve your workflow and efficiencies with solutions you trust.

Parata has the most experienced team in the industry for consulting and design. The staff at Parata works with you to determine your needs and analyzes your space to define the appropriate solutions to support for your company’s goals.

The Team

Parata has the most experienced team in the industry for dispensing and packaging consulting and design. We at Parata work with you to determine your needs and analyze your space to define the appropriate solutions to support your business’s goals.


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Solutions for Nutraceutical Companies

Trusted solutions from Parata to Stand Out and Delight Customers

Adherence Packaging Solutions

Parata ATP 2 Strip Packager

Our Powerful and Flexible Pouch Packager

The Parata ATP 2 Duo Blister and Pouch Packager

Our All-In-One Blister/Pouch Packager

ATP 2 Duo
Parata InspectRx with Collector

Fast and Accurate Pouch Inspector


Workflow and Centralized Filling Solutions

Pharmacist verification of central fill prescription bottles

Automate High-Volume Operations

Centralized Filling Solutions