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Solutions for Retail Pharmacies

Pharmacy Automation is the Next-Gen Key
to Retail Pharmacy Profitability

Retail pharmacies have an immeasurable impact on the communities they serve. There’s still something special about providing a service to those in your own community and knowing each of your patients by name is appreciated.

Retail pharmacies have opportunities to do more than just fill scripts, offering pharmacy services like enhanced delivery options, medication therapy management, medical-at-home services, point-of-care testing, and immunization programs to name a few. Parata powers the retail pharmacy to help patients lead healthier lives. That’s why Parata listens to the retail pharmacist.

We understand the challenges today’s retail independent pharmacies face.

Shrinking Reimbursements
Reimbursements have continued to drop over the years even as drug prices rise. Network participation continues to become more expensive as DIR fees increase. Likewise, PBM fees for retail pharmacies have fallen each year, leaving those pharmacies little choice to offset the costs through operating cost reduction. Add the cost of daily operation, and it’s clear the community pharmacy could use a game-changer to boost volume, reimbursements, and business.

Those successful in the retail industry know to leverage technology to improve their business model.

Inconsistent and Costly Inventory Management
Managing inventory in a pharmacy is unique because a patient’s need for the product can be urgent — and an unmet urgent need can drive customers to the competition. Mindful of waste and diversion, pharmacies are increasingly searching for consistent, reliable, cost-effective, and secure solutions for inventory management, reducing on-hand inventory. Technology solutions that free up floor space taken up by inventory by 60% not only organize and track inventory down to the pill but also offer more productive use of the space in a retail pharmacy.
Stagnant Volume and Little To No Business Growth
Pharmacies of any size can offer popular, easy-to-use pouch packaging by implementing med sync and choosing pharmacy automation technology built to grow as their volume increases — even moving them into centralized filling operations. When setting up those programs seemingly requires costly investments in technology, pharmacy owners can be tentative. In the past, automation solutions were seen as either too large to manage smaller volumes or too risky, leaving some to ask, “What if my customers don’t want pouch packaging?” Retail pharmacies, big or small, are poised to provide a customer experience to rival their competitors when they offer attractive services like adherence packaging and home delivery.

Targeted Solutions for the Retail Pharmacy

Our solutions are designed and delivered with the elevation of the retail pharmacy in mind.

Watch Your Volume and Reimbursements Grow

A thoughtfully coordinated suite of products for adherence packaging and inspection can help your retail pharmacy boost patient medication adherence, increasing star ratings and reimbursements. Affordable packagers in varying sizes can handle smaller volumes while you get your adherence packaging program off the ground and are truly scalable, keeping up with your business growth. Add inspection to free up valuable pharmacist time so they can spend it with patients. Taking steps to improve patient medication adherence like implementing a medical-at-home program, can improve star ratings and increase reimbursements.


Give Your Team More Time

John Forbes with a customer at Medicap Pharmacy

Improve efficiency and ensure accuracy with vial-filling technology to give your pharmacy teams more time to spend with patients. Stop spending time counting, capping, and labeling. Offer home delivery or other value-add services to differentiate your business and let customers know they don’t need to switch pharmacies to get the programs they want. Stand out from the competition and offer the customer experience and services you’ve wished you had time for.

Keep Your Inventory on Track and Lower Costs

Take control of inventory management with a solution customized for your pharmacy. Maximize your space, track your inventory down to the pill, secure CII and at-risk medications, easily locate patient orders for pick-up, and more with one system. Pharmacies using our workflow solutions have seen inventory turns increase as much as 30% while inventory levels drop by 30%, freeing up vital cash flow and space inside the pharmacy.

Pharmacist with touchscreen tablet

Automation is the Game-Changer. Differentiation is Key.

We’ve seen the retail pharmacy do more than just survive—pharmacies that embrace technology thrive. Communities are still in love with their neighborhood pharmacies. Deliver the services to improve medication adherence, making it easy for patients, while saving time and money on inventory to increase volume.

And do it all while providing your patients the same community-driven customer service they know and love.

Read How Medicap Pharmacy Uses Automation

Value-add Services the Community Pharmacy can Provide When Automation Frees Up Time

  • Provide home delivery
  • Offer vaccination and immunization programs
  • Provide point-of-care testing services
  • Offer health screenings
  • Conduct smoking cessation classes
  • Provide weight management programs
  • Begin billing for pharmacy services like drug interactions, medication switches, and patient counseling.

The Team

Parata has the most experienced team in the industry for pharmacy consulting and design. We at Parata work with you to determine your needs and analyze your space to define the appropriate solutions to support your pharmacy’s goals.


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Solutions for Retail Pharmacies

Trusted solutions from Parata to Put You Out in Front.

Vial Filling Solutions

Parata Max vial filling robot

Gain Time with Next-Generation Vial Dispensing

Parata Max 2
Parata Mini Vial Dispensing

Get Powerful Counting Technology with a Smaller Footprint

Parata Mini
Parata AccuCount 2 Pharmacy Scale

Meet the Standard in
Pharmacy Scales

Parata AccuCount II

Pouch Packaging Solutions

Parata PASS 36 Packager

Our Most Affordable,
Compact Packager

Parata PASS 208 Packager

Offer the Total Package with the Total Packager

PASS 208
Parata PASS 300 VP Packager

The Variable Pouch Packager Will Be Your MVP

Parata Perl with Transport

Get Your Pouch Validation Up to Speed

Perl Pouch Inspector
Parata PASS Safe Loader

Use Light-to-Fill for Accuracy and Efficiency

Parata PASS Safe Loader

Workflow and Centralized Filling Solutions

Parata Beacon Smart Storage Solution for Pharmacies

Modernize and Boost Your Efficiency

Parata Beacon
Pharmacist verification of central fill prescription bottles

Automate High-Volume Operations

Centralized Filling Solutions
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