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WellSpot™ Prescription Pick-up Locker

Convenience and improved access to prescriptions for your patients and employees.

WellSpot is a secure pickup locker for prescriptions. We’re sure you’ll spot the benefits right away.

SpotLight adding prescription

Could WellSpot hit the sweet spot for your pharmacy?

Convenience for Patients

Automated smart lockers are a convenient pickup solution for patients in a number of settings. Shift workers, late discharge patients, and rural area patients benefit from a self-service will call providing easy and secure access to their medications.

Receives notification the prescription is ready
Scans the provided code
Completes identification and payment
Collects prescription for self or the whole family

Beyond the Pharmacy Counter

Extend your reach to patients beyond the pharmacy counter and pharmacy hours. Your pharmacy becomes a hub of wellness for patients even when you’re not there. With real-time monitoring and communication capabilities, WellSpot provides a platform of enrollment, education, and consultation remotely.

Manage your WellSpot on the go using secure cloud software – assign lockers, access reports, and see that your system is running optimally.
Protect patient information with a HIPAA-compliant connection to your PMS.
Manage the complete chain of custody and return to stock.

For Retail Pharmacy

Offer more convenience with expanded will call hours for your customers. It’s the simple way to pick up the refills and improve compliance.

For Partnering with Businesses

Take your pharmacy to the customer. Place WellSpot in local office buildings, campuses, or anywhere the customer needs you and start delivering.

For Hospital Pharmacy

Start capturing more of your employees’ scripts with WellSpot. Move to clinics and outpatient networks for more convenience to the patients at the time of discharge.

Safe and Sound

A cold-rolled steel frame, tamper-proof security locks, and dual cameras keep every filled prescription secure. Patient pick-up accuracy is ensured by bar-code verification and signature capture for secure point of sale.

Expand and Scale

Auxiliary locker units increase capacity and function. Start with 46 individual lockers of varying size, and add more lockers including refrigerated units for up to 300 bins of capacity. Include access to over-the-counter medications with an OTC vending unit.

Grow with multiple expansion units.

WellSpot-HD 36 WellSpot-HD 36
a 36 locker add-on
WellSpot-60 WellSpot-60
WellSpot Cool WellSpot Cool
8 temperature-controlled lockers

Get all the details from our spec sheet for WellSpot.

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