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5 Tips to Prepare Your Pharmacy for Value-Based Health Care

We’re in the midst of the most important evolution pharmacy has faced. We developed a comprehensive adherence program in response. The reaction from health care professionals has been extremely positive, and our patients are elated and getting healthier.”

— Tim Wright

In fee-for-service models, pharmacists’ reimbursements are tied to filling prescriptions. That may soon change. Legislators, physicians, hospitals, insurers and other players are looking for partners who can help improve patient outcomes and reduce health care spending.

Pharmacists, as one of the most trusted and most underutilized health care professionals, have great opportunity to reshape their businesses and redefine their roles in patient care.

To learn how Tim and Nora Wright have redesigned their practice to prepare for the shift to a value-driven model and are already having success, download this tip sheet.

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