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Universal Lighted Tray

Maximize productivity and accuracy at prescription fulfillment.

Part of the ATP Series, the ULT is a guided fill tray designed to facilitate accurate filling of non-formulary medications, reduce fill errors, and improve the workflow of filling and checking ATP pouches with medications not dispensed from canisters.

Universal Lighted Tray promotes organization in a paperless process and reduces the need for multiple checks and pharmacist verification of ATP trays, helping your pharmacy save time and resources.

Want ULT to optimize your workflow?

How It Works

Streamline productivity
Adding ULT to your pharmacy establishes a distinct workstation for all ATP tray drug preparations and creates a safe, repeatable process for consistency and accuracy across shifts and users — new and experienced.
Color code your way to safety
ULT’s intuitive design and software enable users to quickly incorporate the tray into an existing workflow. Color-coded lights help technicians identify partial, whole, and multiple pills in a cell. The user can simply touch an individual cell on the screen to show an image and description of the medication. Barcoded trays ensure the correct pre-filled tray is matched with the right batch and dispensed properly through your ATP packager.
Ensure security
The ULT promotes security and accountability by tracking each user throughout every step of the process. Instead of following a printed report and risking fill errors, you can rely on a safe, repeatable process for consistency and accuracy across your pharmacy team. The technology enables your pharmacy to confidently label and fill every pouch accurately without costly rework.

Multiply Efficiency

Free up counter space and pre-stage trays for your ATP with our utility cart. Store up to 10 additional trays under the SmartTrayRx, touch screen, and scanner. Utilize 3 optional bins on the sides of the cart for frequently-used bulk meds and supplies.

Included with your Universal Lighted Tray

  • docking station
  • ULT client
  • Scanner
  • Touch screen
  • BioMetrics
  • 2 UPS
  • Adjustable leg kit
  • 3 SmartTrays
The Parata ULT unit on cart