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Support medication adherence with a smarter blister card filling solution

A muti-dose blister system to boost your bottom line

Our blister card automation increases efficiency by creating an easy-to-follow, repeatable process across all users and shifts in your pharmacy team. The light-to-fill tray and intuitive software save time on filling adherence cards optimizing your workflow and saving you time and money.

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The barcode-verified system assigns trays to a patient order and certifies the correct NDC has been scanned — ensuring the right medication and strength is fulfilled for the right patient. Light-to-fill guidance improves patient safety by reducing errors.
Fill up to four cards in one tray with light-guided technology. Stackable trays optimize pharmacist verification or tech-check-tech workflow. You can fill weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cards with one SmartCardRx system.
Get started with adherence packaging for your pharmacy with a low-cost, blister card filling solution. SmartCardRx interfaces with your current pharmacy management system and is easy to learn. With minimal investment, you’ll make immediate gains in patient outcomes.

Saving time and improving safety

Filling blister cards can be labor-intensive and prone to human error. SmartCardRx increases productivity, allowing you to fill more scripts per day with color-coded guidance to increase accuracy and safety.

Minimize the need to duplicate order entries because SmartCardRx already knows – our solution has a full interface with your pharmacy’s information system.

Use intuitive reports to optimize your workflow. SmartCardRx is equipped with the ability to track patient medication history, NDC substitutions, lot and expiration dates, narcotics dispensing, and more.

SmartCardRx lighted tray filling

SmartCardRx works with a wide range of multi-med card formats to simplify medication management for patients with multiple prescriptions. Multi-med cards help patients improve medication adherence, leading to improved health outcomes. The patient card is printed with patient information and a full medication index. Customize blister cards with your brand to stand out from the pack and for each of your facilities.

“The cost justification has been easy to see. What used to take two technicians and a pharmacist an entire day now takes one tech and a pharmacist just an hour or two.”
- Don Brindisi, RPh. Masonic Villages
Don Brindisi

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