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Pivot for PASS

Pivot for PASS for Optimal Packaging

Parata has introduced the software platform that optimizes your use of PASS packagers, inventory, and technician hours.

Pivot To More Productivity

Adding more packagers to your pharmacy doesn’t mean adding complexity. With Pivot, each PASS unit gets optimal use in an ecosystem sharing canisters and data for new levels of efficiency.
50%Increased throughput
30%Reduced canister count
25%Reduced STS tray use

Balance Your Workload

Increased Daily Throughput
Pivot helps pharmacies with multiple PASS units better leverage their existing technology. By balancing the workload across your fleet of packagers, Pivot can increase your daily throughput by as much as 50 percent.
Optimized Batch Routing
The patent-pending software tackles complex calculations to determine the optimal packager to use for each batch, no matter how many packagers your pharmacy has or how many batches you have to fill. You can take Pivot’s recommendation or override it to select a different machine.

Move Your Canisters. Keep Your Data.

Smarter Canister Managment
The software platform tracks your canisters and their inventory whether they are on a packager or on a shelf. By enabling canister sharing across PASS units, Pivot minimizes canister duplication and reduces the number of canisters needed by an average of 30 percent.
Minimized Need For Special Tablet Trays
By more efficiently using your canisters, you can reduce special tablet tray use by more than 25 percent. That means fewer manual steps and fewer opportunities for human error.


Reporting For All Your Packagers
Pivot integrates multiple PASS units as one — which puts the data in one place, too. Facility-wide reporting gives you powerful visibility into your inventory and your operations.

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