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PharmAlytics Business Intelligence

Empower Your Pharmacy with Actionable Data

This web-based business intelligence application provides actionable information for your pharmacy. Make data-driven decisions to increase your team’s productivity and optimize inventory with ATP® 2 and Beacon® inventory solutions.

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Visualize Your Pharmacy’s Performance

PharmAlytics empowers you to enhance the operations and profitability of your pharmacy.
Access to vital system performance on any device anywhere you have an Internet connection
Adjustable thresholds based on business requirements
Various permission levels for users
Email alerts if system parameters exceed the alert threshold
Insights on the performance of multiple sites on one screen
Insights to lower operating costs and improve productivity

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ATP® 2 Pouch Packager

Discover the industry-leading oral solid automated tablet packager engineered for performance and reliability for both unit dose and multi-med packaging.

Beacon Workflow Solutions

Beacon® Inventory Management System transforms your pharmacy efficiency and storage, reducing patient medication errors and your inventory carrying costs.

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