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Parata PASS Ware®

Parata PASS Ware Software

Intuitive Software with Powerful Features

Parata PASS Ware makes it easy to prepare medications safely, efficiently, and accurately. Developed in close partnership with pharmacists, PASS Ware includes the features and functionality you need.

If You Want to Learn More

  • Support cycles from 24 hours to 30 days
  • Customize pouch design by patient or facility
  • Add header or footer bags to separate orders
  • Print reminder bags for non-oral solids or additional information
  • Include optional barcodes for bedside scanning
  • Use a wide range of standard reports

Improve Safety From Script To Patient

PASS Ware supports safety and accuracy from dispensing to administration. To add a new drug to Parata PASS, scan a stock bottle and PASS Ware accesses a library containing drug information for more than 14,000 NDCs. During replenishment, the barcode scanner confirms a match between the drug and the canister.

And our smart canisters communicate with PASS Ware so the PASS packager recognizes and dispenses from the correct canister, regardless of its location in the unit.

Expect Easy Integration

Parata interfaces with nearly 50 pharmacy host systems, making Parata PASS an easy addition to your pharmacy. And, it’s part of a complete adherence packaging solution that also includes Parata PASS Safe Loader and Parata Perl Pouch Inspector.

Run Standard Or Custom Reports

We worked closely with pharmacists to build reports meeting real-world requirements. To guide replenishment or to view drug usage and inventory, run a standard PASS Ware report. These can also be sorted, printed, and exported. Our Technical Assistance Center is available to help you create reusable custom reports — just give us a call.