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For the Total Package

Our retail adherence packager revolutionizes medication administration and improves patient outcomes.

Increase medication adherence with PASS 208, a gravity-fed unit dose or multi-dose pill dispensing and packaging system designed to integrate into your retail pharmacy environment and utilize information from your current software.

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Efficiency is at Your Fingertips

More than an adherence packager, PASS 208 is a built-in workflow solution. Managing inventory whether it’s on your shelf or in the packager is a smart way to save time. Since PASS 208 can house so many NDCs at once, there’s no time wasted cleaning canisters between medication swaps.

Plan for Success

Go further than loading a small number of canisters to fill one patient’s scripts at a time. Leverage your existing inventory by storing it in smart canisters to handle up to 208 unique NDCs at a time. It’ll ready to fill when you are. As your medication adherence program grows, PASS 208 has the canister volume to keep the pace.

Put Yourself Out in Front

PASS 208 and PASS Ware’s easy-to-use interface allow you to spend more time on patient-centered care. Enhance your adherence program with more time for value added services in your pharmacy. Gain customer loyalty and referrals as your added touch points put a personal stamp on patient care.

Symbria pharmacist reviews medication with patient

Parata PASS Packs

For unit- or multi-dose medications, PASS Packs attract customers to your pharmacy.

Patients with chronic conditions — especially HIV, heart failure, mental illness, and diabetes
Home health agencies and group homes
Physicians and accountable care organizations (ACOs)
Long-term care, assisted living, and skilled nursing communities

Flexible Options

Create custom designs using PASS Ware with flexible options.

Labeled Parata PASS pack

Ways to Customize PASS Packs

Customizing PASS Packs can improve patient health and drive more business to your pharmacy. Here are some ways you can do more with PASS.

Real Results Reported by Some Parata PASS Pharmacies

15840New scripts per year
95%Adherence rates for HIV patients
50%Reduction in med pass time
40%Growth in 1 year
Housing up to 208 canisters, the Parata PASS 208 is an excellent choice for retail pharmacies. To see if it’s a fit for your pharmacy, view our specification sheet, which details product dimensions, electrical requirements, and more.

Thrive Pharmacy Solutions is Powered by Parata

Working closely with other healthcare providers in their cohort to improve patient care, Thrive is more than just an open-door pharmacy. With established medication sync programs, their closed-door central fill location uses adherence packaging by Parata to implement a full medication adherence program.

Powered by Parata: Medicap Pharmacy

The television commercials for Medicap Pharmacy featuring PASS Packs draw in new patients from far and wide. These patients are thrilled about the service, and Medicap is delighted to help them improve their health.

Powered by Parata: Wolfe’s Pharmacy

In Louisiana, one pharmacy takes a chance on doing things differently. Find out how Wolfe’s Pharmacy is using pouch packaging to do big business in a small town.

Parata PASS Paper

Parata’s partnership with your pharmacy extends to the quality of the consumables we offer as well. We’ve put thought into the paper our packagers use so you don’t have to.
Product Reliability and Performance
Substandard consumables result in substandard performance. Parata PASS paper provides the greatest performance with the least amount of wear and tear on your system’s components.
Class A Rating
Parata PASS paper maintains a Class “A” rating, which means that it resists moisture for up to 28 days. This is the highest rating available and is essential for fills spanning a period greater than 28 days.
Long Shelf Life
Parata stores our paper in a climate-controlled warehouse where our consumables aren’t exposed to temperature and humidity fluctuations. And due to our volume, Parata can ensure that your paper hasn’t been sitting on a warehouse shelf for a significant portion of its usable lifespan.