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Worksheet: Boost Your Operational Efficiency

Pharmacies are always looking for ways to do more with less. Sometimes, it comes down not just to technology, but to examining and improving the day-to-day processes in your pharmacy.

That’s why Parata Industrial Engineer Brian Cristobal recently presented a webinar called Boost Your Efficiency: A Lean Approach to Pharmacy Operations.

In the discussion, Brian shared how you can apply 100 years of manufacturing teachings to your pharmacy’s processes to maximize your operational efficiency, minimize waste, and deliver a higher-value experience that will delight your customers.

For help identifying all eight types of waste in your pharmacy covered in the webinar, download our handy worksheet by completing the form on this page. It contains more than 20 pharmacy-specific examples of wastes, questions to help you identify other opportunities for improvement, and space to take notes while you’re observing your pharmacy.

Download the Worksheet

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