Parata SpotLight

Wireless, light-guided pharmacy will call system

Our New Will Call System Is Wireless, Light-Guided, And Works With Any Hang Up Bags.

Light The Way For Efficiency

70%Improved Retrieval Times
90%Reduced RTS Time
80%Reduced Misplaced Scripts

Easy Setup

Your staff saves time on both pickup and setup with SpotLight’s intuitive system. Using your existing hanging bags, you assign light sticks to prescriptions, patients, or families as you go. Just scan the prescriptions and then the SpotLight stick, and your will call for those are automatically ready for the patient. Setup is so seamless, you can work as you incorporate SpotLight.
Space Saving
SpotLight requires no new furniture, special hang bags, or new network drops. Use your existing shelves, bags, or bins and let SpotLight’s flexibility enhance your pharmacy’s will call system.

Efficient Pickup

Minimized Pre-Sorting
With SpotLight, your pharmacy no longer needs to rely on strict alpha-numerical pre-sorting methods. Hang a bag anywhere and SpotLight finds it for you. Improved operational efficiency decreases wait times and retrieval errors.
Fumble-Free Retrieval
SpotLight speeds retrieval time – no more embarrassing searches for labels and names or having to re-fill a prescription you can’t find. While patients enjoy shorter wait times, your pharmacy enjoys a higher level of patient loyalty ripe for referrals.
A Rainbow of Workflow Improvements
Several workstations can utilize SpotLight at once. With seven distinct LED colors, pharmacy staff will know exactly which light to spot. A busy pharmacy can gain peace of mind that quick retrieval times can also be error-free.

Improved Return-to-Stock

Aging Orders & Expiring Medications
Tell SpotLight the allowable wait time and check for aging scripts with the push of a button. Instantly, it’s easy to spot which prescriptions need to be returned to stock and which are expiring.

Maintain flexibility and add efficiency to your will call procedures, enhancing your customer’s experience with SpotLight. Contact us today to get started.

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