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Parata PASS Safe Loader

Improve accuracy and efficiency with our lighted special tablet system tray

By automating the preparation of special tablet system (STS) trays, our light-to-fill tray takes the uncertainty out of managing one-off medications, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, half tabs, and slow movers.

Safe Loader facilitates organization, eliminates printed paper reports, and reduces the need for multiple checks and pharmacist verification of STS trays, helping your pharmacy save time and resources.

Want Safe Loader on Your Team?

How It Works

  • Set an RFID-capable STS tray in the lighted load station.
  • Users scan the stock bottle UPC for a barcode match.
  • Safe Loader uses LED lights to illuminate each cell where the pill should be dropped.
  • Sensors in the cell detect the pill drop, and the LED light turns green to indicate a successful drop.
  • If a pill is dropped into the wrong cell, that cell will illuminate red.

Streamline Workflow

Adding Safe Loader to your pharmacy establishes a distinct workstation for all STS drug preparation and creates a safe, repeatable process for consistency and accuracy across shifts and users — new and experienced.

Avoid Mix-Ups

Our RFID-capable STS trays enable the PASS packager to correctly identify which medication trays match each batch.PASS will package medications only when the correct tray is placed in the unit, preventing potential mix-ups at busy pharmacies.

Ensure Security

Safe Loader promotes security and accountability by requiring authorized users to log in to the software with a unique RFID key fob before preparing medications.

Big Help, Little Footprint

You won’t need much space to make a big impact on security and safety when managing half-tabs, slow-movers, and one-offs in you PASS packager. Safe Loader only needs a bit of counter space – 25 3/4″ x 16 1/2″, to be exact. Place your Safe Loader close to your PASS packager and stock bottles to optimize your workflow and save time.

Symbria technician using Safe Loader

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