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Parata PASS 36

Our Most Affordable, Compact Packager

Technology You Can Count On

For more than a decade, Parata PASS technology has been the trusted solution for pharmacies in any setting. With hundreds of installations across the country and beyond, Parata has demonstrated reliability and ease of use empowering pharmacy teams to improve adherence and grow.

PASS 36 compact pouch packager

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The Next-Generation Solution

Medication non-adherence is a challenge, costing an average of $300 billion/year in the US, and pouch packaging is a key component to reducing the cost of care and improving patient outcomes. With the growing presence of strip packaging in the market, patient awareness has reached a level where pharmacies without packaging will be left behind.

That’s where PASS 36 comes in.

Parata PASS Pack makes it easy to take medications as prescribed

Your Pharmacy Positioned for Growth

PASS 36 lets you get started with ease — with a machine that fits through any standard door — and then grows with you as you expand your med sync program to new patients. Here’s how.

Add more canisters as your program grows.
Our smart canisters support self-recognition of its location no matter where it is installed, helping you track tablets, use tablets with nearing expiry date first, and perform automated inventory control.
Build out custom canisters to quickly scale your formulary.
With our canister build kit, you have the tools to add new NDCs as needed for flexibility and speed.
Add half-tabs, slow movers, and OTCs with our STS trays.
Save canister space by utilizing the STS trays to add specific NDCs.
Integrate with any of 100 host systems.
PASS Ware talks to your host system to have you up and running on the systems you already have.
Customize packs to fit your pharmacy and your patients' needs.
PASS Ware is intuitive and flexible, enabling you create pouch designs by patient or facility.
PASS Canisters

Affordable and Ready for Growth

Don’t get stuck with a solution that doesn’t scale with you.

The affordability of a smaller packager can hit your financial sweet spot but only if it doesn’t hold you back when it’s time to grow.

Packagers able to only fill one patient’s order at a time can cap your volume and leave your packaging program stagnant.

PASS 36 enables your ability to run patient orders by the batch, can keep up with endless NDCs as canisters are added, easily scales by adding inspection, software, and other PASS packagers as needed – all backed by trusted Parata PASS technology, service, and support.

Maximize your pharmacy’s focus on patient-centered care while increasing your fills per year as your packaging program grows with the scalable technology in Parata’s PASS Suite.

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