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Parata PASS 300VP

Our Variable Pouch Packager will be the MVP of your pharmacy

Get Even More Flexibility

Parata PASS 300VP is a recent addition to our strip packaging family. Offering the largest oral solid medication capacity per pouch, PASS 300VP simplifies unit- and multi -medication administration and optimizes paper use.

Flexibility and scalability give you room to grow a successful adherence packaging program with a home run workflow.

Add PASS 300VP to Your Team

Get Ready for Growth With a Scalable Solution

The 300VP Packager positions your medication adherence packaging program to grow with capacity for up to 300 NDCs and beyond. Make your inventory management smarter, saving operating costs; store your existing inventory in canisters.

Place canisters anywhere on the packager – or on a shelf. Parata PASS Ware always knows where the right canister is. The special tablet system tray dispenses additional drugs, half-tabs, and OTCs when canister use isn’t optimal.

The right configuration results in the optimal capacity and workflow to keep your pharmacy operating smoothly. Leverage different canister sizes and convenient side panel for quicker, easier refills.

Count Your Savings with Variable Pouch Sizes

Customize your packs by facility, patient, and size – by 10mm increments per batch. The paper-saving 55mm packs are ideal for unit dose packaging. For your patients on multiple medications, our 95mm packs make packaging multiple oral solids into a single pouch easier than ever, reducing the chance of missing a medication that was packaged separately.

Parata PASS Packs Variable Sizes

Optimize Your Uptime

PASS 300VP comes with a roll-out, swappable lower packaging unit (LPU) to maintain uptime during servicing. With the option of a second LPU, busy LTC and mail-order pharmacies can stay right on schedule during maintenance.

Put your data to use – look for improvements to workflow, anticipate service visits, and more. Your packager is monitored by Parata Pulse, our Internet of Things (IoT) smart monitoring to track the packager’s performance and provide proactive technical support and business insights.

What You Get

PASS 300VP consists of the upper canister cabinet, the roll-out lower packaging unit (LPU), the special tablet system (STS) tray for OTCs and one-offs, and a touchscreen. A PC with Parata PASS Ware and monitor, a digital scale, and a barcode scanner comprise the workstation for canister replenishment and batch management.

Keep Growing

In addition, you can automate pouch verification by adding Parata Perl pouch inspector for a workflow that keeps your pharmacy up to speed. If you outgrow a single packager, you can add additional units. Parata Pivot for PASS helps you operate multiple packagers as a cohesive team with optimal canister use and centralized reporting.

For busy retail pharmacies, PASS 300VP just makes sense – a packager able to handle more than one patient’s prescriptions at a time with accuracy and efficiency.

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