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Parata Max® 2

The Next-Generation Vial Dispensing Technology

Interested in Max 2?

Assembled and Shipped from Durham, NC

Manufacturing Max 2 in Durham, NC

Durham is home of Parata’s headquarters and serves as the center of our manufacturing operations. Each of our vial dispensing robots is made here by a team committed to your pharmacy’s success and the role our robots have in the health of your patients.

We know keeping up with your volume is more difficult now than ever — and likely with a smaller team. Our teams are working urgently to bring you Max 2 installed in as little as 30 days. 

Max’s reputation for improving efficiency and empowering pharmacy teams is eclipsed only by the next generation — Max 2.

Max 2 offers speed, accuracy, and safety with your pharmacy team in mind. We build Max 2 to give you time and free resources for patient care and running your business.

Parata counting technology and air-jet cells ensure an accurate count with new benchmarks for speed. Automate up to 80% of your oral solids with Max’s ability to support up to 200 NDCs safely with bottle and cell barcode scanning — so Max 2 always dispenses the right drug.

Speed and Accuracy
Parata counting technology and air-jet cells ensure an accurate count with new benchmarks for speed.
Continuous Operation
Our two-sided design separates inventory and dispensing. Max continues to run while you replenish vials, caps, and drugs — and lighting lets you know what’s running low.
Minimal Touch Time
Added Control
Easily set up new NDCs on-site with automated cell calibration.
Minimal Touch Time
Max’s low-touch operation is largely attributed to its ability to cap, its capacity and overflow bin, and the exception carousel.
232Completed Rx Capacity
80%Oral Solids Automated
100%Accurate for drug and dose*

Parata automation uses barcoding to verify a match between the inventory bottle NDC, unique to medication and strength, and the barcode on the dispensing cell. Parata automation selects the correct cell for dispensing 100 percent of the time, ensuring accurate drug and total dosage when proper processes are followed by the pharmacy.

On-Site Calibration

Max 2 is smart. Scanners and software work with mechanics to deftly and precisely calibrate cells for new NDCs. Save time and cost because we’ve given you the tools to quickly and easily switch drugs in your cells.

Eden Drug Calibration Max 2

Visual Cues When Max Needs Your Attention

Retain your workflow’s efficiency — Max 2 will let you know if it needs you. LED lights use colors to let you know it’s time for replenishment or pick-up.

The top lights are blue to indicate Max 2 is running smoothly or red to show you it has stopped.

Color LEDs on each bin alert you when vials, caps, or labels are low or empty. Powered by active sensors, the status lights tell you when it’s time for replenishment.

Parata Max 2 Script Side
  • all good(blue lights show it has been replenished and will time out so they aren’t on all the time)
  • quantities are low
  • empty

Parata Pulse

Max never takes a sick day, and Parata Pulse means we can keep Max 2 even healthier. Through the Internet of Things, our service teams can reach out to you before you even know there’s a problem. Pulse keeps us in the know and increases uptime.

Pulse monitoring also provides key business insights. Use Pulse’s reports to identify areas where you can improve workflow and grow your business.

On-demand Assistance

Train new pharmacy team members or just refresh your memory. Max’s touchscreen is connected to a library of how-to videos, FAQs, and operating documentation. Available 24/7 at your fingertips, quickly troubleshoot or find answers to your questions on your own time.

How is Max 2 Different?

Sleek Profile

If you’re familiar with the original Max, the first thing you may notice is a more modern profile. Max 2 is streamlined with our HEPA filter incorporated in the body, which means you save space without sacrificing air quality. Adding to its lasting appeal, the updated panel coating endured our testing to show it won’t yellow over time.

Control Center

The drug replenishment side holds a new center console. The top of this control center houses the more ergonomically positioned power module. Below that is the touchscreen monitor. Now 20% larger, the screen makes it easier than ever to read and access the frequently used features you need. Watch training videos and consult documentation via the new interface. Even initiate a service ticket right from the unit without having to pick up the phone.

Use the new 2D scanning capability to scan a bottle and automatically tell Max 2 the NDC, quantity, expiration date, and lot number. This saves manually entering much of this information not available with the traditional linear barcode.

The new calibration station sets up your cells for new NDCs and runs a calibration script to confirm the new settings. Now your new scripts are ready to be automated faster than you ever imagined without the manual work.

The label printer is now incorporated into the center console so it’s always right where you need it.

Max 2 Vial Filling Central Control Console

Integrated Camera

Max 2 Camera Images pills

Every Max 2 comes with a camera, and every vial is imaged prior to capping so you can check the contents from the touchscreen monitor. Pinch-to-zoom functionality lets you enlarge the image to see the amount of detail you need.

Customized for Your Pharmacy

Parata assesses your drug list to determine the optimal cell configuration for your pharmacy, such as how many super cells you need and suitable locking cells. Max 2 can be configured for lower volume pharmacies or tight spaces. Your sales director can work with you to review options for the right fit.

Vial Support

There are variations in vials, and we fit your Max with the components suited for 2 different sizes of your Tri State, Berry, and Centor vials and caps.

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