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InspectRx® Pouch Inspector

Efficiency and Accuracy in Pouch Verification

Parata InspectRx vision inspection system

InspectRx® pharmacy pouch inspector makes quick work of the most time-consuming part of pouch packaging – verification.

Add our visual inspection system to your strip packaging program to save time and labor by verifying each ATP®2 pouch for accuracy.

Let’s talk about how InspectRx can enhance your business

InspectRx images and analyzes each pill and pouch in seconds for unit-dose and multi-med pouches. Intuitive software on the viewing screen provides visual sorting of pouches for a workflow that works.
A multiple-spectrum analysis camera identifies 12 physical characteristics of each medication in the pouch and documents the quantity, color, shape, and sequence of medications in each pouch.
Reduce pharmacist check time and streamline your pharmacy operations with a smart inspection system that operates on-demand and learns on-the-fly.
Maintain a record of each pouch – front and back. Be ready for documentation requests and audits. Login security boosts compliance for your pharmacy team.

Choose the right speed for your business

3 processing speed models are available

  • Inspect 24 – 2,400 pouches/hr.
  • Inspect 36 – 3,600 pouches/hr.
  • Inspect 54 – 5,400 pouches/hr.

Upgrade from Inspect 24 or 36 to keep up with your volume.

Make your workflow work for you

InspectRx is one part of the the ATP Series — a product suite of scalable solutions designed to help you meet the needs of your LTC customers and grow with you.

How it all comes together

  • Package unit- and multi-dose strips
  • Inspect and verify every pill in every pouch, remotely or in the pharmacy
  • Collect each strip by patient, drug, or medpass time
  • Correct any errors in pouches and document the correction

Get the most from your InspectRx

The included Batch Validator software provides a post-production scan of every pouch to identify any problem pouches in the strip and ensures the entire batch is ready for your customer.

Additional viewing stations allow your staff to process more batches to accommodate your growing business.

Automatically spool completed strips for easy transport and staging with Spoolers and Winders.

Included with your purchase of InspectRx

  • Inspector
  • Check Station PC with Viewer software
  • Corrector PC with Batch Validator software
  • 4x 24” spools
  • 3x UPS backup power supplies

Enhance InspectRx with an automatic pouch collector.

Automate the collection of your strip packaging with Collector, saving time on organization and distribution.

Parata InspectRx with Collector

Time for better patient outcomes

The Collector frees up technician and pharmacist labor – time that can be spent on patient care initiatives. Impact reimbursement and overall costs in the health care system with time spent on clinical applications regulated in pharmacies.

Time for organized delivery

By cutting, rolling, and taping medication strips, Collector gives you a hands-free packaging system.

Deliver your customer’s strips organized just the way they want – by patient, drug, or medication cabinet set.

Time for versatility

The Collector is capable of handling smaller pouch strips for 14-day or 7-day and less, but also larger 30-day strips for retail and outpatient applications.

This unit can be purchased and installed along with InspectRx or you can add it to the system as your business demands it in the future. Like all of our solutions, the Collector is flexible and modular.