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Independent Pharmacists and the Affordable Care Act

“The healthcare crisis.” We’ve all heard that phrase tossed around lately. Health care reform and the Affordable Care Act are changing the rules — significantly and rapidly.

Let’s look at how we got here in the first place. To put it simply, our healthcare costs have been climbing since 1990. Despite the spending, we’re not getting any healthier. Patient outcomes continue to decline.

A few things are contributing to this. We have a large aging population and higher life expectancy. And, a significant portion of our population is managing one or more chronic illnesses. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer account for 80 percent of America’s health care spending.

So we have more people — sicker people — living longer, and requiring treatment over a longer period of time.

This led to a volume-driven healthcare system. Physicians, hospitals, and pharmacists were paid for each transaction. More transactions meant a bigger paycheck.

Well, healthcare reform is changing all of that — Obamacare or not. The shift has started, and there’s no going back. We’re moving towards a value-based healthcare system, focused on a triple aim: 1) better care 2) healthy people 3) and reduced costs.

This means providers have to follow new rules. They must focus on the quality of care and impacting patient outcomes.

For independent pharmacists, this raises a big question: Will you be relevant in this new system?

We think you can be. To pull it off, you’ll need a new approach. You’ll have to forge new partnerships to create the volume you need to stay in business. You’ll have to leverage technology to keep up with that demand and reduce your costs. And you’ll have to put the patient’s wellness first.

We’re here to help. Contact us at to learn how Parata’s pharmacy technology solutions put you out in front.

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