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DeliverRx™ Will Call Solution

Know where every order is every time

Make prepared prescriptions easy to access

Using the efficient technology of our Beacon® solutions, DeliverRx™ simplifies prescription will-call in your pharmacy.

It starts with easy-to-access locations for filled prescriptions. With flexible configurations, our solutions are designed to fit your layout. Available as wall units, under-counter drawer systems, and even corner carousels, DeliverRx has the capacity for your pharmacy volume and space.

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Find the Right Fit for Your Pharmacy

Our team can customize to suit your pharmacy. Choose DeliverRx bags and bulk shelving — and even integrate refrigeration for a complete solution for your formulary.

When technicians quickly find a patients prescription with light-guided technology, patients have lower wait times and a better customer experience. With DeliverRx, your pharmacy workflow keeps flowing, and your patient loyalty grows — as do your profits.

Parata DeliverRx
DeliverRx will-call system

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