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BullsEye® Tablet Splitter

Automate for time and accuracy

BullsEye Precision Tablet Splitter

Split tablets hands-free

By automating the time-consuming task of tablet splitting, your pharmacy can better utilize staff to higher value tasks. BullsEye can split up to 16 pills per minute following a simple barcode scan of the canister and assigning the number of tablets to process.

Improve Safety and Reduce Waste

BullsEye is sophisticated and accurate, which ensures each each pill is precisely cut to provide the correct dose for the patient. This accuracy additionally helps your pharmacy to reduce waste associated with pills miscut or damaged.

Want BullsEye for your pharmacy?

When used in conjunction with the ATP 2 and InspectRx, the BullsEye reduces errors flagged in the tray fill or image verification process.

A simple SD card update and a new canister will allow you to add additional pills to the BullsEye formulary. Create greater efficiency in your packaging process by using one of our custom-made canisters for the half tabs, and dispensing out of the ATP® Series rather than running them through the manual tray.