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ATP 2 Duo™ Pouch and Blister Packager

Adherence Packaging Two Ways

Trusted technology paired with novel design gives your customers packaging options

Discover ATP 2 Duo, the industry’s new pouch and blister packaging system designed to allow you to leverage the same formulary — whether you’re packaging for pouch or blister packs. Steamline your manual multi-dose blister filling process and quickly swap out the lower packaging unit (LPU) to seith to multi-med and unit-dose pouch packaging using one scalable solution.

Let’s talk about ATP 2 Duo for your pharmacy

Mature Automation Technology

Rest easy knowing the ATP 2 Duo uses trusted technology with the added benefits of blister packaging. Everything the ATP 2 can do, the ATP 2 Duo can handle — and then some — with the same intelligent software for customizable pouch printing, scalable canister capacity, variable pouch sizes, and dual tray system as the ATP 2. Increase your team’s efficiency and give your customers the packaging option they prefer.

The prescription packager for both pouch and blister: ATP 2 Duo
Adding and moving ATP 2 Smart canisters

Truly Scalable

Limitless formulary capacity using the ATP 2 Duo’s smart canisters allow you to leverage built-in capacity, from 64 to 480 canisters, and expand your formulary as needed. Add more smart canisters as you grow with a solution that attracts customers.

Powerful Inventory Management

The ATP 2 Duo, with a swappable lower packaging unit, automates pouch packaging or multi-dose blister cards using the same canisters for simpler inventory management. A quick swap of the LPU allows you to leverage meds already loaded and tracked in smart canisters for both pouch and blister packaging.

Variable Pouch Sizes and Blister Card Styles

The 7- and 31-day 6″ x 9″ multi-dose blister cards fit conveniently into med carts while the options of regular 55, 80 and 85mm pouches and 60mm narrow pouches allow for size customization in multi- and single-dose sizes.

Efficient Uptime

The ATP 2 Duo’s unique dual tray system lets you continuously run your packager without interruption, while the swappable lower packaging unit resolves hardware issues in a matter of minutes.

Blister and Pouch Packs Finished - produced by the ATP 2 Duo

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Enhance the efficiency of your packaging solution with optional devices designed to integrate with your ATP 2 Duo.

InspectRx Pouch Inspector InspectRx Pouch Inspector
Automate the verification of your pouches.
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Parata Perl Parata Perl
Fast and compact vision verification
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SmartCardRx SmartCardRx
Light-guided blister card filling.
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BullsEye Tablet Splitter BullsEye Tablet Splitter
Automate precision cutting of oral solids.
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Universal Lighted Tray Universal Lighted Tray
Manage the packaging of special tablets and half tabs with the universal lighted tray.
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ATP Workstations ATP Workstations
Countertop workspace, shelvings, and space for the ATP workstation and scale.