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5 Ways for Pharmacies to Support Patients Managing HIV

Years ago, an HIV diagnosis was basically considered a death sentence. Today, the disease is very manageable. With a near-perfect adherence rate, the viral load in patients is almost undetectable. We engage with patients regularly to make sure they’re sticking to their medications and living the healthiest lives possible.

— Chris Geronsin

More than 1.1 million Americans are living with HIV, and the Center for Disease Control estimates 50,000 new cases of HIV each year.

Fortunately, drug therapies to suppress the virus have greatly improved. Many studies have shown that with a near-perfect adherence rate, the viral load in HIV patients is almost undetectable and patients with HIV can lead long, healthy lives.

A near-perfect adherence rate of 95 percent or higher is very difficult for most patients to maintain under the best circumstances. The fear of discrimination, socioeconomic challenges and denial or hopelessness that can accompany an HIV diagnosis make such a high adherence rate even harder to achieve.

With three pharmacists certified by the American Academy of HIV Medicine, Gateway Apothecary provides support and medications to more than 700 patients each month. Patients in their medication adherence program have an average adherence rate of 95 percent and much lower viral loads.

Download this tip sheet for advice on how to support patients managing HIV and other chronic illnesses.

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