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Parata Joins Pharmacy Quality Alliance

A partnership for better patient care.

Parata recently joined the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA). Together, Parata and PQA are committed to improving the quality of medication management and patient health care through a collaborative process.

Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) is a consensus-based, multi-stakeholder membership organization committed to improving health care quality and patient safety with a focus on the appropriate use of medications.

As a member of PQA, Parata will have the opportunity to contribute to the alliance’s PQA’s measure development process — a consensus-driven process used to draft, test, refine and endorse measures of medication-use quality.

“Joining PQA will help us gain an even deeper understanding of metrics that drive good pharmacy practices, putting Parata in a better position to share those insights with our customers and to continue developing solutions that help pharmacists to achieve those quality measures and better outcomes,” explained Tom Rhoads, CEO of Parata.

Medication management is a key driver of patient health, and pharmacists have a key role to play in increasing medication adherence and improving patient outcomes. More and more innovative pharmacists are offering medication adherence programs and packaging to help patients take their medications as prescribed. Adherence packaging, like Parata PASS packaging, synchronizes refills and organizes meds by day and time of dose for easy medication management.

A number of Parata representatives will serve on a number of work groups within PQA, including:

  • Adherence: Barbara Barrett, Senior Product Manager
  • Medication Therapy Management Part D: Paul Shelton, National LTC Business Development Manager
  • Medication Management for Integrated Care Teams: Stacy Alexander, Director of Revenue Marketing
  • Long-Term Care: Heather Hudson, Medication Compliance Specialist Manager
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