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TCGRx helps Grane Rx, based in Pittsburgh, expand into Eastern Pennsylvania

Using the latest technology from TCGRx, Grane Rx announces they have built a new state of the art long-term care pharmacy in Philadelphia

It was announced today that Grane Rx has opened a new pharmacy in Eastern Pennsylvania, in response to growing demand for its unique long term care pharmacy services.

According to Bob Rowland, Chief Operating Officer, “With more and more nursing centers and assisted living facilities struggling to maintain customers and margins in a challenging healthcare environment, Grane Rx is one of the few pharmacies in Pennsylvania that is offering quality medication delivery in a comprehensive way.”

Grane is known for using cutting edge technology to deliver medications at a cost competitive rate, while increasing the accuracy of medications services. This is accomplished through automation that is supplied by TCGRx, a leader in pharmacy technology solutions.

“We have deployed a solution from TCGRx that is really the first significant step forward in controlling the accuracy of script filling, from the minute a medication enters the pharmacy, all the way to the point of patient administration through the use of EMAR and barcode scanning,” commented Belinda Burchick RPh, BPharm.

TCGRx’s inventory management system, Beacon®, ensures Grane is able to fill all scripts accurately, through the use of barcode scanning and light direction. The scripts are then processed through an automated technology known as the ATP® 2 (Automatic Tablet Packager) from TCGRx. This automation will organize complex medication regiments into simple pouches that are labeled with the appropriate day and time for taking the medication. This system reduces the days dispense which cuts down on waste in the nursing center, but also cuts down on nurse pass time.

Grane’s new facility, in Philadelphia, is designed to serve thousands of patients and opens today, January 26, 2016.

The pharmacy will service skilled nursing, assisted living, PACE Programs, discharge, and home health organizations.

About Grane Rx
Grane Rx is the leading provider of long term care pharmacy solutions for nursing homes, PACE organizations and personal care homes across several states. Known for technological innovation and putting the needs of customers first, Grane Rx makes pharmacy simple. For more information visit our website or see programs in action. For more information please contact Dolores Reidenbach at 724-882-3554 or dreidenbach(at)

About TCGRx   
TCGRx is a leading supplier of pharmacy automation, offering scalable solutions that range from simple packaging technology to enterprise-wide perpetual inventory management. TCGRx solutions are specifically designed to make pharmacies and their processes more efficient. The company provides comprehensive workflow automation, including design and consultation services, to offer in-patient, out-patient and long term care pharmacies a fully featured, integrated solution. With a strong presence in pharmacy markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, TCGRx is headquartered in Powers Lake, WI. For additional information, visit, find us on Facebook, or contact us at 262.279.5307.

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