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TCGRx Announces the Launch of PharmAlytics™ for Business System

New Business Intelligence System Optimizes Pharmacy Inventory, Increases Productivity

TCGRx, the leading supplier of pharmacy automation and workflow efficiency systems, today announced the launch of PharmAlytics™ for business; a business intelligence system that helps pharmacies better manage inventories and increase productivity.

Designed to work with the company’s ATP®, AVF™, and Beacon® systems, PharmAlytics provides at-a-glance metrics—based on user-defined thresholds—for a single pharmacy site or an overview of multiple pharmacy sites.

“On the ATP side, the focus is on production, utilization, and quality. For example, PharmAlytics enables the pharmacy to assess whether the ATP system is packaging the number of pouches/hour they’re targeting, as well as the packager’s idle time. PharmAlytics’s heartbeat monitor provides green, yellow and red visual cues to assess system performance. If the designated alert threshold exceeds user-defined limits, the heartbeat displays red and an automated email alert is sent to the system administrator,” said Duane Chudy, founder of TCGRx. “PharmAlytics provides an at-a-glance performance overview without the need to analyze in-depth reports. Detailed, drill down reporting is also available; providing full details for well-informed business decisions,” he continued.

Similarly, PharmAlytics tracks the performance of TCG’s Beacon system by monitoring inventory levels in five categories—shorts, expired, soon-to-expire (less than and over 30 days), and excess meds—using the PharmAlytics’s system ‘at-a-glance’ heartbeat monitor. This feature and overall ease of use are the results of the targeted voice of the customer initiatives conducted during the products’ design phase. “We had several users that we would call and bounce ideas off,” said Matt Noffsinger, EVP of Sales and Business Development, “because of their thought leadership, we were confident that we were going down the right path. PharmAlytics is a daily tool for busy customers who don’t always have time to look at reports, enabling corrective measures.”

The response to TCGRx’s new PharmAlytics system has been so positive that plans to incorporate two additional TCG modules into the business intelligence tool are already underway. “To our pharmacy partners, accuracy, efficiency, and productivity are key to the success of their business. Our team is continually striving to improve each of these goals by thoughtfully designing and developing products that are second to none in the industry,” concluded Chudy.

About TCGRx

TCGRX is a leading supplier of pharmacy automation, offering scalable solutions that range from simple packaging technology to enterprise-wide perpetual inventory management. TCGRX solutions are specifically designed to make pharmacies and their processes more efficient. The company provides comprehensive workflow automation, including design and consultation services, to offer in-patient, out-patient and long-term care pharmacies a fully featured, integrated solution. With a strong presence in pharmacy markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, TCGRX is headquartered in Powers Lake, WI. For additional information, visit, find us on Facebook, or contact us at 262.279.5307.

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