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Skilled Care Pharmacy and TCGRx Partner to Implement State-of-the-Art ShortCycleRx® Solution with Imaging Technology

Skilled Care Pharmacy, a long-term care pharmacy in Mason, OH, has implemented a comprehensive system allowing them to provide a higher level of service as well as short-cycle dispensing to their customers. Skilled Care Pharmacy selected TCGRx to implement their highly controlled medication packaging and quality control system utilizing some of the latest technology available.

The first step of the installation was to introduce the Automated Tablet Packager (ATP™) and Smart Tray which allowed Skilled Care to implement 7-, 14-, and 30-day cycle fills that are fully compatible with E-MAR systems. Using barcode and image validation, Skilled Care Pharmacy is now able to increase customer service levels and scale more volume while maintaining a high level of accuracy. In spring of 2013, Skilled Care Pharmacy added the InspectRx™ to the workflow enabling them to fill more prescriptions with less manual intervention and even greater accuracy and documentation.

The ShortCycleRx® Solution from TCGRx is evolving into a true closed-loop, hands-free system. “Our system is now capable of allowing pharmacies to address the shift in the market toward shorter cycles while controlling labor costs. Our pharmacy partners are now able to use their labor more effectively to grow and retain their business,” said Duane Chudy, president of TCGRx.

The InspectRx electronically documents and stores an image of every prescription sent to patients. This pouch verification device inspects 12 physical characteristics of the medication to help ensure that the correct prescription is being distributed to the correct patient. Each pouch is verified by a pharmacist to ensure safety. Every image captured is archived for easy referencing in the future. “Our staff is already realizing a 75% reduction in the time it takes to check pouches and we have only been working with the InspectRx for a month,” said Nancy Mlinarik, Vice President and Owner at Skilled Care Pharmacy.

With the ShortCycleRx Solution, Skilled Care Pharmacy has realized the many benefits of working with TCGRx products, specifically the InspectRx. The inspection process has become much easier and more efficient. Production has improved while maintaining a high-level of quality control. Customers have become confident in the quality provided by Skilled Care Pharmacy as it continues to offer accurate and safe medication fills. Skilled Care Pharmacy has created a safer environment with a commitment to the 5 Rights of Medication Administration: the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route and the right time. The 5 Rights of Medication Administration are documented and an image of each pouch is archived for patient safety. Also, as a fast-paced and productive pharmacy, Skilled Care Pharmacy is able to obtain more business.

About TCGRx
Backed by decades of experience, TCGRx utilizes the latest in technology to offer the most reliable pharmacy automation solutions on the market. The staff designs and integrates automation and workflow solutions into every aspect of pharmacy dispensing. TCGRx is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support by offering the most cost-effective, efficient, and accurate solutions.

TCGRx is an industry leader in automation and design services for hospital, long-term care, retail, outpatient, and specialty pharmacy markets. The company has a strong presence in all pharmacy markets throughout the United States and Canada. TCGRx headquarters is located in Powers Lake, WI. For more information, visit, call 262.279.5307, or find them on Facebook.

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