Forum Extended Care Services, headquartered in Chicago, IL, has released a case study that resulted from a measured impact of packaging and inventory control technology over the past 2 years. With 150 employees, Forum serves more than 90 facilities throughout the Midwest. Forum provides high quality institutional pharmacy and consulting services to long-term and senior care facilities, offering experience in skilled nursing, assisted living, hospice, and mental health medication administration.

With increased costs from the drug manufacturers, Forum was faced with the challenge of optimizing their inventory and improving the overall accuracy and efficiency of the pharmacy’s operations. Forum President, Brian Kramer, MBA, RPh turned to Duane Chudy at TCGRx for assistance. Forum upgraded their outdated automated packager with newer technology that allowed for a significant increase in productivity but also allowed them to effectively move to 7- and 14- day cycle fills. Forum invested in the InspectRx™ image verification system after the initial upgrade of their packaging technology. According to Kramer, “InspectRx, working in tandem with the ATP system, provided us with the ability to keep photographic evidence of cycle fills, a feature we weren’t sure we would ever need. As it turns out, we’ve used it many times to verify script fulfillment.”

Forum also worked with TCG’s consultative services for a full assessment of their operations that resulted in the addition of the Beacon® Inventory Management System. Over an 18-month period, Beacon has reduced their carrying costs of inventory by 60%. Since the original implementation, approximately 40% of the original equipment has been re-allocated to bulk inventory that was not originally in the Beacon system. With the new systems in place, the case study shows that Forum was able to significantly increase their labor efficiency by cutting technician’s script fill time by 15%, and the pharmacists’ check time by 75%. Kramer quipped, “Processing 2,500 to 3,500 scripts per day with a complexity of different packaging solutions, the TCGRx team has reduced the process to its lowest common denominator so that it’s repeatable…every day, on every shift.” Kramer continued, “Perhaps the biggest advantage we have seen with the TCGRx partnership is that we are now forward thinking—identifying opportunities before we even know we have a problem.”

About TCGRX  
TCGRX is a leading supplier of pharmacy automation, offering scalable solutions that range from simple packaging technology to enterprise-wide perpetual inventory management. TCGRX solutions are specifically designed to make pharmacies and their processes more efficient. The company provides comprehensive workflow automation, including design and consultation services, to offer in-patient, out-patient and long term care pharmacies a fully featured, integrated solution. With a strong presence in pharmacy markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, TCGRX is headquartered in Powers Lake, WI. For additional information, visit, find us on Facebook, or contact us at 262.279.5307.

About Forum Extended Care Services 
Forum Extended Care Services provides the highest quality institutional pharmacy and consulting services to the continuum of long-term care and senior care facilities in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Locally owned and operated, Forum is governed by the philosophy that personal attention makes all the difference in healthcare. The Forum staff offers hands-on experience in long-term care, hospice and hospital pharmacy, and nursing home administration. For additional information, please visit