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Premier Pharmacy Services Installs the Complete ShortCycleRx® Workflow Solution From TCGRx

Premier Pharmacy Services, a long-term care pharmacy in Seattle, WA, has implemented a comprehensive system that will allow them to provide more services as well as short cycle dispensing to their customers. In the first quarter of 2012, Premier Pharmacy Services began the first phase of implementing a system to help comply with new short cycle dispensing regulations requiring 14-day dispensing on brand medications. Premier Pharmacy Services selected TCGRx as their partner in automated systems to achieve their goals. Over the past year they have deployed the ATP®, the InspectRx®, and the Collation Unit. Using the TCGRx ShortCycleRx® solution, the new workflow process has allowed Premier Pharmacy Services to process prescriptions in about one-third of the time it had previously taken.The ATP (Automated Tablet Packager) allows Premier Pharmacy Services to keep up with increased activity while maintaining high levels of quality control. The Smart Tray works in conjunction with the ATP to ensure that all non-formulary medications are filled and labeled accurately through barcode validation and light direction. “Since we’ve begun working with the Smart Tray, fill times have improved dramatically and the process of including non-formulary medications has become less cumbersome, reducing errors,” said Ponce Bautista, R.Ph, Pharm D, Vice President of Operations at Premier Pharmacy Services.

The InspectRx electronically documents and stores an image of every prescription sent to patients. This pouch verification device inspects 12 physical characteristics of the medication to help ensure that the correct prescription is being distributed to the correct patient. “Oftentimes the facility questions the medication given to them. This way we are able to refer back to our photo archives to verify. This eliminates the need for duplicate work and costly additional runs,” said Bautista.

Working in conjunction with the InspectRx, the Collation Unit separates pouches by patient, drug, or med cabinet. It then automatically rolls, cuts, and secures 60 patient pouches per minute and drops the pouches into a tote for delivery. The Collation Unit significantly reduces labor costs, allowing personnel to be utilized in other value-added functions and services. “As pharmacists and technicians are pulled into more patient interaction, and as pharmacies are asked to do more with less, we are constantly striving to provide pharmacies with new tools. The Collation Unit serves as the final critical component to our ShortCycleRx solution,” said Duane Chudy, president of TCGRx.

Premier Pharmacy Services has partnered with TCGRx to develop an innovative, customizable workflow solution to increase services to its patients. “TCGRx presented a complete answer to our pharmacy’s needs. They provided answers to missteps before they occurred. And we are now steps ahead in serving our patients,” said Bautista.

About TCGRx
Backed by decades of experience, TCGRx utilizes the latest in technology to offer the most reliable pharmacy automation solutions on the market. The staff designs and integrates automation and workflow solutions into every aspect of pharmacy dispensing. TCGRx is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support by offering the most cost-effective, efficient, and accurate solutions.

TCGRx is an industry leader in automation and design services for hospital, long-term care, retail, outpatient, and specialty pharmacy markets. The company has a strong presence in all pharmacy markets throughout the United States and Canada. TCGRx headquarters is located in Powers Lake, WI. For more information, visit, call 262.279.5307, or find them on Facebook.

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