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PCA Pharmacy Realizes Reduced Errors and More Efficient Production Using TCGRx Technology

In partnership with TCGRx, PCA Pharmacy, a subsidiary of Trilogy Health Services, implemented ATP® Series with SmartTrayRx™, and InspectRx®, in its Columbus, OH location in June 2013. Serving long-term care customers, PCA Pharmacy now boasts improved efficiency and cost savings in its new packaging solution.

Engineered to provide better performance and reliability, ATP Series facilitates both unit dose and multi-med packaging with simple-to-use software. Non-formulary medications are handled through TCGRx’s fully interfaced SmartTrayRx system, which uses fill-to-light technology to ensure accuracy and shorten processing time. InspectRx gives patients the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate. Facilities can track erroneous pouches and missing meds back to the source. This technology helps to speed up processing times and reduce errors when time is essential for filling med carts to disperse to the nursing floors.

PCA Pharmacy plans to add ATP Series and InspectRx in its Grand Rapids, MI location in spring 2014, and will continue to add pouch packaging solutions to additional facilities. “Implementing a new system can definitely be cumbersome, but with the help of TCGRx, we were able to convert over 1,200 beds to pouch packaging in just three months. Typically, a rollout of that size can take eight months. Once we established a workflow, the transition went very smoothly with our staff and customers,” said Lance Miller, Regional Vice President of Operations at PCA Pharmacy.

In today’s demanding healthcare environment, long-term care facilities must deliver care in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible, while maintaining the highest clinical standards of care and regulatory compliance. PCA Pharmacy works with each customer facility to achieve these objectives by offering innovative solutions including pouch packaging. Facilities have noticed reduced medication errors, a decrease in the amount of time it takes to complete a med pass, and increased patient satisfaction — as nurses are allowed more time with patients that was previously spent documenting and dispensing medication.

“With an alternative to blister cards, multi-med packaging has enabled us to grow. We are now able to solicit new business, which we would have never been able to bid on without multi-med packaging available. TCGRx helped us gain efficiencies that we did not even realize were available,” said Miller.

About TCGRx

Backed by decades of experience, TCGRx utilizes the latest in technology to offer the most reliable pharmacy automation solutions on the market. The staff designs and integrates automation and workflow solutions into every aspect of pharmacy dispensing. TCGRx is dedicated to providing superior customer service and support by offering the most cost-effective, efficient, and accurate solutions.

TCGRx is an industry leader in automation and design services for hospital, long-term care, retail, outpatient, and specialty pharmacy markets. The company has a strong presence in all pharmacy markets throughout the United States and Canada. TCGRx headquarters is located in Powers Lake, WI. For more information, visit, call 262.279.5307, or find them on Facebook.

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