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Parata Systems Launches a New Scalable Pouch Packager

The Parata PASSTM 36 Enables Growth for Pharmacies of All Sizes

Parata Systems, a leading provider of pharmacy automation, including vial-filling, adherence packaging, and workflow and patient experience solutions, announces the launch of a new pouch packager, the PASSTM 36.

Medication adherence programs can improve overall health outcomes and have been shown to result in up to 26% fewer hospitalizations and up to 15% fewer outpatient visits. Pharmacies with an adherence packaging program report up to 40% business growth in one year and have seen as much as a 95% adherence rate in HIV patients. As positive results of adherence packaging are reported, more pharmacies are seeking ways to take advantage of pharmacy automation technology to deliver adherence packaging to their patients.

Previously thought to be available only to larger pharmacies due to space requirements and cost constraints, pouch packaging is becoming more accessible and affordable to pharmacies in all practice settings. The Parata PASS 36 — with a small footprint and low cost — now provides pharmacies ready to begin their own adherence packaging program with automation designed to handle smaller volumes while promising the scalability a growing business needs.

“Many pharmacies wish to start a pouch packaging program because the benefits to their patients and their business are undisputed,” said Kelley Schudy, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Parata. “We’re proud to give them an option that meets the needs of a pharmacy beginning a packaging program but won’t leave them stuck, only able to handle a small volume and unable to keep up as they grow.”

To deliver the technology pharmacies need, PASS 36 offers:

  • Quick pouch packaging speed
  • Low-cost solution with a small footprint
  • Ability to package by the batch (more than one patient at a time)
  • Flexible and easy-to-use software for a wide range of reporting
  • Drag-and-drop editor to customize pouch design
  • Capacity to hold up to 36 canisters (or unique NDCs) at a time
  • Scalability for growth through the addition of optional complimentary products and software

“Many of our customers want to begin an adherence packaging program, but don’t necessarily have the volume to justify a larger purchase,” said Collin Blalock, director of portfolio product management at Parata. “We’ve listened to our customers and met the needs of the market, by offering the PASS 36. It’s just the right size for beginning a pouch packaging program, and it’s scalable, so it won’t hold them back as their business grows.”

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