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Parata Named North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year

McGladrey LLP, the nation’s leading provider of assurance, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market, along with Fifth Third Bank and the North Carolina Chamber, are pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year award. With a strong manufacturing base being essential to communities across the state and the country, the North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year award aims to recognize the importance of this industry and acknowledge the success of manufacturers.

Mid-Size Manufacturer of the Year

Parata Systems, LLC, was named the winner in the mid-size manufacturer category for company revenues that fall between $25 million and $250 million USD. Parata is headquartered in Durham, N.C. The company is a leading provider of pharmacy automation, dispensing technology and medication management solutions to improve safety, efficiency, medication adherence and customer experience. They have filled more than 2.5 billion prescriptions and helped pharmacists avoid an estimated 20 million medication errors. By accurately anticipating the need to support medication adherence in an evolving health care reform market, Parata was first to introduce its new strip packaging system product for the Long Term Care market. Now it is in pilot with multiple large national pharmacy chains and has been selected as the vendor of choice for one large national chain.

“We are very excited and proud for Parata Systems to be named North Carolina’s Mid-sized Manufacturer of the Year,” said Tom Rhoads, Parata CEO. “Community partnerships have supported us in the growth of lean manufacturing where our people and their vested interest are our greatest assets.”

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McGladrey Announces North Carolina Manufacturer of the Year Winners

DJ Dougherty, Parata Systems COO discusses recent company achievements and how Parata is looking forward to continued growth through improving customer satisfaction, thought leadership, technology and investment in their employees.

Video Transcript

There’s a lot of innovation that we can do for our customers and for prospects to help them thrive in the dynamic environment. The pharmacies are attempting to become more relevant and the health care system more relevant and accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical home.

So our challenge is to be something more than capital equipment. Our customers are looking to us to become thought leaders, to watch the external environment for them. And we are taking steps to do that and becoming a thought leader in the industry.

We are also investing in consulting services for them, industrial engineering. And we are developing web-based business growth tools for them. To help them become more profitable and a stronger industry.

We kinda pride ourselves and not thinking about hiring manufacturing skilled workers but hiring talent. And to grow that talent so we’re not pigeon-holing people into just one particular part of the manufacturing line. They get certified across all the manufacturing lines and they also are able to go into other parts the business. Being refurb (refurbished) for our machine shop so we’re helping them grow and develop as workers.

Over the next five years I see Parata gaining a better foothold globally. We’ve had a lot of accomplishments really thinking about the last 12 months. Two come to mind. One being that we are now being adopted in a in a big way by many of the national accounts in the United States.

Last year we had the “perfect storm” that really drove it home for me. Which is that we had the highest level of employee engagement in the history of the company at that time and we had the most profitable year in the history of the company at that time.

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