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Health Park’s Project Harmony Provides Vital Pharmacy Care Transition Program

TCGRx Technology Solutions Assist in Significantly Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Since May of 2015, Health Park Pharmacy, a community-based pharmacy serving patients throughout North Carolina, has collaborated with a number of community providers, including Well Care Home Health, Transitions LifeCare, Southern Long Term Care Facilities, Humana at Home, Wake Key Care, Community Care of North Carolina, and Duke Raleigh Hospital, to reduce hospital readmissions with a solution they call Project Harmony. Project Harmony is a pharmacy-driven care transition solution developed by Health Park to prevent the prescription deficits that often occur as a patient moves from one level of care to another.

In their latest effort to ease transitions in care, reduce hospital readmissions, and bring affordable, quality care to the patients they serve, Health Park sought a technology partner to help scale their solution with a high degree of quality assurance. After conducting thorough due diligence, Steve Adkins, owner of Health Park Pharmacy, decided TCGRx offered the most impressive pharmacy technology solutions.

According to Adkins, “A key component of Project Harmony is compliance packaging. Health Park Pharmacy is thrilled to be the first community pharmacy in North Carolina to implement TCGRx’s state-of-the-art pharmacy automation tools: the new ATP® 2, automated tablet packager, and the InspectRx® medication inspection system. With adherence packaging, quality assurance is the most important consideration. AdherePac(adherence packaging generated by the ATP 2) is truly precision medicine, representing the future of healthcare. In fact, its optional InspectRx employs the same technology used by the FBI for facial recognition. Together, they help us provide a level of quality assurance and accuracy unmatched by any other pharmacy in our state.”

Well Care Home Health—ranked one of the top ten percent home healthcare agencies in the US—is foregoing a significant revenue stream by partnering with Health Park Pharmacy. Rather than charging patients for medication management solutions of their own, they are connecting their patients to Health Park to provide more value to the patient’s they serve. Putting their patient’s needs ahead of profit has placed both Health Park Pharmacy and Well Care Home Health in an enviable position within the healthcare field.

Through Project Harmony, the Health Park Pharmacy staff works to bridge communication gaps between hospitals, rehab facilities and primary care physicians. They use the ATP’s AdherePac to sort and organize medications by day and time to eliminate patient confusion about their prescriptions, and to deliver those medications right to the patient’s door. According to Adkins, “Health Park is proud to utilize this new technology to bring better, more affordable care to patients in North Carolina.”

This pharmacy care model provides a much needed safety net for complex patients trying to maintain their independence at home, and has resulted in significant decreases in the number of hospital readmissions for Heath Park’s patients; reducing readmissions from one in four to one in forty.

About Health Park Pharmacy

Health Park Pharmacy is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has been in business for 10 years. Owner, Steve Adkins, takes pride in providing the highest level of quality patient customer service. With over 25 years in the pharmacy business, Steve began as a deliery driver for his local pharmacy, moving into a pharmacy technician role. He moved to North Carolina in 2001, opened Hpp in the Fall of 2006 starting Health Park Pharmacy, providing one-on-one patient care, and beginning SimplifyMyMeds in 2007. With over 1,200 patients currently enrolled in the med synchronization program, Steve and his team are able to create a well-developed, customized medication regimen for each customer. He works with his patients and their physicians, giving clear visibility to potential medication-related issues that may not have presented prior to all parties being fully engaged with each other. His goal as a pharmacist, is to educate and empower patients, in order to improve their health.

About TCGRx

TCGRx is a leading supplier of pharmacy automation, offering scalable solutions that range from simple packaging technology to enterprise-wide perpetual inventory management. TCGRx solutions are specifically designed to make pharmacies and their processes more efficient. The company provides comprehensive work flow automation, including design and consultation services, to offer in-patient, out-patient and long-term care pharmacies a fully featured, integrated solution. With a strong presence in pharmacy markets throughout the U.S. and Canada, TCGRx is headquartered in Powers Lake, WI. For additional information, visit, find us on Facebook, or contact us at 262.279.5307.

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