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Adherence: A New Strategy for New Times


Pharmacists can drive results related to adherence by offering patients new services and solutions.

By Tom Rhoads, CEO, Parata Systems

Published in Pharmacy Times
Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pharmacists are among the most trusted professionals in the country, but until the recent focus on adherence they haven’t been getting paid for it.

Independent pharmacists are uniquely positioned to drive results related to adherence. Their intense focus on personal relationships with patients comes naturally. It is their passion for helping people that inspired them to pursue pharmacy. That focus is also the key to driving patient outcomes with adherence programs.

So it hasn’t been surprising to us that independent pharmacists are the ones quickly stepping up to adopt technology that will enable them to impact adherence. As we work with them, we offer this advice for growing their businesses with adherence programs:

  • Look at your product and service offering.
  • Secure your patient base.
  • Seek out strategic partnerships.
  • Measure outcomes.

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