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Not Your Parents’ Pharmacy Fill System: High-Tech, High-Touch

by Tom Rhoads

Published in Pharmacy Times
Monday, December 16, 2013

Big changes in pharmacy technology will affect the ways that pharmacists communicate with patients and health care providers.

Meet Dave. He has hypertension. His doctor monitors his adherence with information transmitted by an ingestible sensor in his medication.

The sensor, about the size of a grain of sand, transmits a signal to a patch on Dave’s stomach. The patch contains another sensor that monitors his heart rate, body position, and activity level. It communicates data from both sensors to his smartphone via Bluetooth. The information also goes to a pharmaceutical company to help researchers better understand how Dave takes his medication and how his body responds to it.This product just secured approval by the FDA and is one of many innovations under development that would support health care providers in their efforts to improve health outcomes and lower medical costs. It also forecasts big changes for pharmacy technology in a coordinated care health system.

Read more about key functions pharmacy fulfillment systems must incorporate to support high-tech, high-touch health care delivery at the full article on Pharmacy Times.

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