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Innovation and Service Drive 125 Years of Success

Profile of a pharmacy powered by Parata

Joseph Moose, Pharm.D.
Joseph Moose, Pharm.D. Moose Pharmacy, Concord, N.C.

Caring for patients has been in my family’s blood for generations. The first Moose Pharmacy, which still stands today, opened in 1882 in Mount Pleasant, N.C. Today my brother Whit and I run five locations across the state.

Despite our old-fashioned pharmacy background, we are innovating continuously to stay competitive. We use technology to free our time to spend more time with patients, and we offer specialty services that allow us to provide a high level of care and bring value that draws customers to our pharmacies.

At our Concord location, where I primarily work, we offer compounding services. We provide natural hormone replacement therapy, pain medications, veterinary medicines and alternative methods of taking medicines. We also offer an adherence program and medication therapy management services. The essence of this age-old pharmacy practice is catering your business to what your patients want and need – and providing them with something they may not be able to get elsewhere in the area.

But the best value in offering specialty services is in their impact on patients. I ask myself every day, “What have I done today to change the lives of my patients?” If I can’t answer it, then I haven’t yet accomplished my tasks for the day.

Pharmacists play a crucial role in the health of patients and too often, I think often we get caught up in the difficulty of running our pharmacy businesses. When we are able to spend time with patients and listen to their needs and concerns, we can impact their health outcomes and transform our pharmacies into places they go for treatment and counseling, not just for medications.

I’m proud to have been recognized by the Next-Generation Pharmacist program for this mindset, which drives the Moose family pharmacies. Caring for patients on a deeper level is what has helped us continue to grow our business over the past 125 years.

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