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How To Get Free, Proven Secrets From 28 Pharmacy Experts

Take Part in a Summit Without Leaving Your Desk

Earlier this year, we got to be part of the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit — pharmacy’s first completely web-based conference experience. It was such a hit, the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit is returning for a special encore. From September 15 to 19, you can access presentations from 28 pharmacy experts.

Learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to meeting quality measure goals, overcoming billing challenges, marketing your services, and putting your resources and technology to better use.    You get their proven secrets and the momentum that comes with attending an incredible conference — from your own home, at your own pace.

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Parata’s Picks: The Sessions We Can’t Wait To Watch

When the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit opens on September 15, these are the first presentations we plan to watch:

Pharmacist Impact On Quality Measures

  • Directly Billing Medical Benefits for Pharmacy Services Leigh Ann Grasso of Annie’s Apothecary
  • Partnering with Prescribers to Achieve Better Patient Adherence DeArcy Vaughan of United Health Group / Optum Insight

Innovative Business Models & Collaborative Practices

  • Building a Cash-Based Health and Wellness Consulting Model Suzanne Keyes of Keyes’ CompoundingIn-Home Medication Coaching:
  • Creating Innovative Collaborative Relationships with Payers Josh Akers of Kelley-Ross Clinical Pharmacy Institute
  • Integration of Community Pharmacists into Clinical Settings Amina Abubakar of Rx Clinic Pharmacy

Integrating Clinical Services Into An Efficient Workflow

  • Boost Efficiency and Productivity to Make Room for Clinical Services Brian Cristobal of Parata
  • How to Make Your Independent Community Pharmacy Thrive Randy McDonough of Towncrest Pharmacies

Marketing And Selling Your Services

  • The Digital Marketing Revolution Azim Nagree of Digital Pharmacist Inc. (formerly RxWiki)

Future Opportunities For Scaling And Growing Your Business

  • Identifying Profitable Opportunities in Compounding Mike Haulsee of TCS Consulting
  • Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network and Future Developments Troy Trygstad of CPESN USA

And New(!) Bonus Interviews

  • Impacting Patient Care in a Rural Health Clinic as a Clinical Pharmacist Ashley Lorenzen of Concordia University Wisconsin
  • How Pre-emptive Genotyping Can Help Reduce Costs for Accountable Care Organizations Gabriela Lavezaari of Biocerna

What People Are Saying About The Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit

Blair Thelimier — independent clinical pharmacist, pharmacist business coach, contributing author for Pharmacy Times, and guest host on the Pharmacy Podcast Show — developed the Elevate Pharmacy Virtual Summit specifically for independent pharmacy owners, private practice consultants, and entrepreneurial-minded student pharmacists.

This exciting new platform debuted in April. More than 1,200 pharmacists from around the world joined in the online experience. Here’s what they had to say:

[The Summit] is amazing, I went through 3 interviews today. I am in the process of starting a new pharmacy and this is great. Thanks!
Elevate Pharmacy Summit = LOVE! Just wanted to give you a shout and let you know how much I’m enjoying the Elevate Pharmacy Summit!
I want to drop you a quick note to let you know that I enjoyed your Summit session this morning. This is a really innovative way of getting this information out to a lot of pharmacists. Thank you both for the work you are doing.
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