Parata's COVID-19 Response

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Ebola and Public Policy #RxChat

We have the conversation for you here.

This week’s #RxChat covered┬ásome tough questions regarding the Ebola outbreak. Specifically the moderator asked about quarantines, travel restrictions and the role the courts will play. ┬áThere are no easy answers to these questions as personal rights, public healthcare and other important factors weigh into the decisions being made by countries restricting travel and public officials ordering healthcare workers into mandatory quarantines.

The one issue remains clear: dedicated healthcare professionals are needed in West Africa to deal with the outbreak. How travel restrictions and quarantines factor in remains to be seen and debated. But at the heart of the problem is caring for those affected now to eliminate the spread of the virus.

Thanks to @RxWiki and all the participants for a thought-provoking discussion.

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