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A Manhattan Pharmacy with a Small-Town Feel

WSJ feature on Parata customer C.O. Bigelow

WSJ - C.O. Bigelow
WSJ – C.O. Bigelow

Civil War generals frequented the shop.
Mark Twain strolled the aisles.
Eleanor Roosevelt commended the store’s toiletries.

Today, this 19th-century pharmacy draws fashion magazine editors, playwrights, actresses and regular folks like the rest of us. It’s more than a pharmacy. It’s a destination.

C.O. Bigelow, located on Sixth Avenue, maintains its small-town feel and old-time charm while embracing the latest technology — including Parata automation.

“Going to Bigelow is anything but a chore,” says a customer who has frequented the pharmacy for 17 years.

As a partner of C.O. Bigelow, comments like this warm our hearts. To all our independent pharmacies who provide exceptional customer service, go above and beyond in patient care and offer an unforgettable experience: the sky’s the limit. And we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal article.

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