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Tech solutions foster patient-centric Rx model

As featured in Chain Drug Review

The nation’s leading chain drug publication recently asked Parata CEO Tom Rhoads for his thoughts on the role technology is playing as pharmacists foster a patient-centric model. We captured some of the highlights below.

For the full article, turn to page 45 of the June 03, 2013 issue of Chain Drug Review.
As healthcare shifts from treating sick patients to helping people live healthy, pharmacists are seeking ways to free up time to spend with patients on high-value services that will improve patient outcomes, including medication therapy management and adherence programs.

Right now, many pharmacists are leveraging dispensing and packaging automation technologies to safely and accurately prepare prescriptions.

This gives pharmacists more time to spend with patients, but technology’s role doesn’t stop there.

“Long-term, the focus will shift to the front of the counter,” says Parata Systems CEO Tom Rhoads, “with technology that engages patients and promotes adherence in an automated and personal way.”

Companies in the tech sector are showing a determination to keep patients actively engaged in managing their medications through mobile apps that send medication reminders, online communities to chat with a pharmacist, packaging that organizes medications to make adherence easy, and more.

Healthcare providers — pharmacists included — will also turn to technology that can help inform them about a patient’s complete care plan so they can work toward better outcomes for each patient.

“Today’s computers can learn, and experts are training them to assist health care providers in bringing excellent care to significant numbers of patients at a low cost,” Rhoads notes. “For example, prominent hospitals are training Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy-winning super computer, as an advisor to diagnose and treat patients. The application of that kind of smart technology will forever change the delivery of patient-centered health care.”

For the full article, turn to page 45 of the June 03, 2013 issue of Chain Drug Review.

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