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The Right Way for Adherence

As featured in America’s Pharmacist

“So you have this chain of trained people — chemist, physician, pharmacist — and what do you do? You give [medications] to the person who’s least capable of handling them — the patient. And for years, you’ve been doing it over and over and expecting different results. It’s not working.”

Bob Lomenick, a multi-pharmacy owner, tells this story often: how his son so clearly explained the need to change the way patients receive and take medications, so the burden of medication management does not fall solely on their shoulders.

This became the genesis for Lomenick’s retail adherence program, Right Way Meds.

Using Parata PASS™ strip packaging as the cornerstone of his adherence program, Lomenick has improved patient adherence and outcomes, secured the 10 percent of his patients who represent half of his revenue, and gained access to 3,000 new patients by catching the attention of a regional insurer.

To learn how he did it, read the full article in America’s Pharmacist.

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